Lung Foundation Australia

Infinity Sponsorship has supported the Lung Foundation Australia over the last 18 months using our Full Service Sponsorship Brokerage model. We have worked together through a transitional time including new name and branding, new staff, new offices, and a newly launched website to engage with valuable corporate partners and create untethered revenue streams to support their core business. […]

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Sports Medicine Australia

Using our Full Service Sponsorship Brokerage model, Infinity Sponsorship is working with Sports Medicine Australia (SMA) to engage new corporate partners to complement their well-established high profile partners – ASICS, Voltaren, and Elastoplast. Our goal has been to secure 4-6 new partners to supplement their already successful sponsorship program. View Case Study…

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Lesson 1 – Generic or tailored?

Generic or tailored? Why not a bit both?

No matter how emphatic sponsorship experts are about the need to completely tailor a sponsorship proposal for a company, the reality is that when you pick up the phone to build a relationship with a potential sponsor they always ask you to send them a proposal!

The best way I’ve found to manage that […]

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Lesson 2 – Cold Calling Tips

Two important cold calling tips

When it comes to cold calling and picking up the phone to build a relationship with a stranger in the hope they will give you money… well… it often feels as bad as it sounds!

But, there is always a way to make things work and two important lessons I’ve learned are:

  1. Start a conversation, don’t give a […]
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Lesson 3 – Surveys

Surveys. If you’re not doing it, start now!

Companies pay big bucks to create or access industry exclusive data.

Some key questions on an online survey platform + your supporters = a big opportunity to sponsors to find out how their products and services are viewed by customers they aren’t yet doing business with.

It’s simple, cheap and such a great value-add for […]

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Lesson 4 – Create a script

Create a script when you start out with your cold calls – it helps!

When calling potential sponsors, if you’re MORE worried about someone actually picking up the phone, than if they don’t, you know you need a script (and maybe a strong coffee!) to help keep you on track!

Find a free cold calling script here to help you!

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Lesson 5 – Getting your proposal to the right person.

Getting your proposal to the right person. Email or post?

When sending a sponsorship proposal out, unless they specifically ask for a hard copy, always email it to your contact.

I haven’t found a Marketing Manager yet who was willing to pop my proposal back into an envelope and send it along to the right person, if it went astray!

It’s much easier […]

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Lesson 6 – Take note!

Take note!

Always, ALWAYS learn from your mistakes. And take notes.

Take detailed notes whenever you are speaking with potential sponsors. You never know what little gems you pick up about timing, what they are looking for and personal details or preferences that might help you to build a deeper connection.

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Lesson 7 – Calling to confirm

I’m just calling to confirm…

When you make a time for a teleconference or a face-to-face meeting with a potential sponsor ALWAYS confirm the time and date on the phone, send an email meeting request AND follow up again 24-48 hours before you are supposed to speak or meet.

Invariably diaries and schedules change and there is nothing worse than calling at […]

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Lesson 8 – You’re not ready for sponsorship

No support? You’re not ready for sponsorship.

If you don’t have the support of your CEO and Board of Directors when creating and implementing a sponsorship strategy, you might as well not even embark on that journey. Internal buy-in and support to engage corporate partners is the FIRST hurdle that may need to be jumped before you even begin speaking with […]

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Lesson 9 – Layers of commitment

Layers of commitment.

Having different levels of commitment that a potential sponsor can engage with you on can be very helpful.

I’m not speaking about bronze, silver and gold levels, but more like event sponsorship, program supporter and corporate annual partner. If you are a smaller and less well known non-profit then allowing a company to dip their toe in the water […]

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Lesson 10 – Gaining internal buy-in

Gaining internal buy-in.

When it comes to trying to gain internal buy in, creating a scenario where you ask your Board, CEO or staff to imagine they own a company that has been approached by your non-profit to be a sponsor is a valuable exercise.

Mentally they are placed in someone else’s shoes and realise that if they were to spend money […]

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