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Welcome to Sponsorship University

We teach revenue generation strategies to For-Purpose organisations that maximise their positive impact and increase their income.

Our passion drives us to create global change by specifically supporting those that are For-Purpose, For-Passion and For-Social Change.

Our specialty lies in being able to teach practical strategies that quickly and easily engages an organisation in best practice sponsorship so they can become abundant, sustainable and concentrate on what they do best – serving and saving their communities.

We are a market leader in practical and immediately implementable sponsorship solutions and training.

We continue to work alongside brands, organisations and events of all shapes and sizes to create mutually beneficial partnerships and it is our experience at the coalface that means our finger is always on the pulse of what’s trending.

Our signature program, the Sponsorship Foundations Program was created after reverse-engineering the success we have had with many For-Purpose clients in our role as sponsorship brokers. From this process, the pathway to best practice sponsorship was born.

We benchmarked our findings globally and discovered there is nothing like this program anywhere in the world that focuses on providing a step-by-step approach to sponsorship specifically for the For-Purpose sector.

We look forward to connecting with you and supporting your fundraising journey!

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