The Swiss Army Knife of Sponsorship Benefits – Webinar

The Swiss Army Knife of Sponsorship Benefits

Not sure what to offer sponsors? Is it because you can't think of a single thing that you could propose that might be of value to them, or any there just too many things going on in your organisation that you don't know how to package it all up in a way that would be valuable to them? Companies want new and creative avenues to connect with their target markets, and there are many many ways that you can create purposeful and profitable partnerships with offerings that you may not even have thought of yet! Read More...

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Create Your Ideal Avatar For Sponsors – Webinar

Create Your Ideal Avatar For Sponsors

Understanding who your potential partners are is a vital part of creating profitable partnerships. This knowledge not only helps you create better benefits for partners, it reduces the risk of rejection and ultimately, it helps you focus your, already limited, time and energy on the parts that will fast track your success with sponsors. But knowing who the best brands to approach are, comes from deeply understanding the opportunity you can offer them. That's where creating an ideal avatar for sponsors is a vital part of the process. Read More...

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Fulfilment Reports and Auditing Your Partnerships

Fulfilment Reports and Auditing Your Partnerships

When was the last time you delivered a fulfilment report to your current partners? Did you know that 60% of corporate marketing managers said they are looking to cut under-performing sponsorships in the next year? ( And the one thing they really want help with? Reporting and measuring their return. If you can't afford to lose one partner, let me show you the end of year processes that will have your sponsors THANKING YOU for such a wonderful year! Read More...

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The 90 Day Sponsorship Plan – Idea to Implementation

The 90 Day Sponsorship Plan - Idea to Implementation

When I was Business Development Manager for the Australian College of Midwives I struggled to juggle my ever-growing list of responsibilities and to-dos. Even though my remit was to diversify our income streams by seeking and securing sponsors, there were so many competing priorities that it was hard to make time to create a plan. I wish I knew then what I know now and how I could have pulled it all together in a way that allowed me to be most effective with the time, budget and resources I had available. Read More...

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Podcast – Sponsorship Mistakes

Sponsorship Mistakes

Mistakes. We all make them and, sometimes, we make the same mistake over and over. Maybe it’s because we get excited about an opportunity and rush even though it’s against our better judgment; “Oh, it’ll be different this time around!”. Maybe we just don’t know how to do it better.

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Podcast – Being a better fundraiser and how corporate partnerships are changing

Being A Better Fundraiser And How Corporate Partnerships Are Changing

In this episode, Abby Clemence, International speaker and one of Australasia's leading corporate partnership advisors to the not for profit sector explores the changing face of corporate partnerships. Abby has had 25 years experience in marketing, sales, adult education, communications, event management and corporate and cause related sponsorship. Abby is the founder of Infinity Sponsorship and talks about passion, language and being a better fundraiser.

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Purpose and Profit – Choosing The Right Corporate Partner

Purpose and Profit - Choosing The Right Corporate Partner

It's no longer about sponsorships that offer logo placement. There are so many richer ways that the corporate and non-profit sectors can work together. Companies are not only open to creating deeper partnerships with organisations, they are actively seeking them. Why? Because it's good for business. But there are vital elements that you need to know to ensure you are targeting the right partners and assessing their ability to support the great work your organisation does. Read More...

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