8 Tips To Give Your Sponsorship Strategy A Headstart

FREE - 8 Tips To Give Your Sponsorship Strategy A Headstart

Sponsorship Readiness Checklist

Is your non-profit ready to engage corporate sponsors?

Before jumping headlong into asking a company or brand to invest in your organisation or event, there are some key details to flesh out that will help you immensely when it comes time to make an approach to potential sponsors.

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The Three Sides to Social Impact

FREE WEBCAST - The Three Sides of 'Social Impact'

The US has been tracking consumer attitudes towards business' involvement in social causes for more than 20 years and in that time corporate support for social and environmental issues has exploded. In Australia, our journey into this world has comparatively only just begun, awareness is on the rise and the opportunities are endless and exciting. So how can we truly create good by harnessing the power of consumers, companies and charities?

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The Non-Profit Guide To Best Practice Sponsorship

FREE WEBINAR -The Non-Profit Guide To Best Practice Sponsorship

There is alot of information available that addresses certain 'points' in the sponsorship journey - like creating a great proposal or cultivating sales skills, but without understanding the rest of the process, you risk making an approach to a potential partner that you can't undo if it doesn't go to plan. If you are a For-Purpose organisation or event, then you are in the right place. Are you aware of the powerful elements that you can bring to your corporate partnerships? There are things that are unique to your cause that makes your sponsorship journey different to any other. Steps that you should follow if you want to create and leverage committed and sustainable partnerships. In this free webinar, Abby will 'unpack' best practice sponsorship and show you that there is absolutely a pathway to success for your organisation, and it does not start with a sponsorship proposal and a list of prospects.

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