Sponsorship brokerage can be seen as the holy grail for organisations that feel they do not have the staff, capacity or skills to undertake best practice corporate partnership-seeking activities in house.  It can feel out of the question to try and build capacity within a team that cannot stretch any further to take on a new project.

However, employing a sponsorship broker comes with a warning.  It is not a magic bullet that allows an organisation to ‘outsource’ the role of raising corporate revenue so that everyone can ‘get on with their core mission’.   Employing someone on the basis that they will have ‘good contacts in the corporate sector’ is not the best way to proceed.

If you are looking to engage someone in this kind of role, you are making them part of your organisation – they will be representing your cause publically and it is vital that you see this as a joint project where there is skill-sharing and collaboration every step of the way.

I take my role as a sponsorship broker very seriously and I screen potential clients closely.  It is an all-encompassing role, and I work directly with the Board, CEO and team.  We are in this together, from assessing and building your internal capacity, crafting the approach, creating the database of potential sponsors to building relationships, negotiating with sponsors and getting your partnership contracts signed.  I provide the full service that includes transparent reporting as well as all the guidance, tools, coaching and templates you will need to maintain and renew your relationships as you continue your journey to build a sustainable corporate partnerships strategy.

Generally, the ideal amount of time to allow potential sponsors to make a decision about engaging with you is about 15 months.  If you are looking for a sponsorship broker to collaboratively create and implement a successful partnerships program, then you need to allow plenty of time for this process to happen.

If your organisation or event does not currently have the resources to undertake sponsorship-seeking activities, Abby can help find partners for you. I’d be happy to explore what you are looking for and provide you with more details about the process to see if there is a ‘fit’ for us to work together.

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We work collaboratively with you to develop and implement a corporate partnership model that will source and secure great partners for your organisation.

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