FREE EBOOK – 8 Tips to Give Your Sponsorship Strategy a Headstart

8 tips to give your sponsorship strategy a headstart

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Can you relate…?

You’re feeling pressured by your Board to ‘get sponsors’. You have limited time to concentrate on creating a strategy, so you send out a bunch of generic GSB (gold, silver, bronze) proposals to brands that you consider to be ‘low-hanging fruit’. You’re after ‘quick wins at this stage! Only to never hear back (or worse, be rejected) because you didn’t know that the sponsorship landscape had shifted drastically in recent years and you didn’t have a plan in place.

Before asking a company to invest in your For-Purpose organisation or event, there are some essential details you need to have in place that will make the most of the time you have available to approach potential sponsors. You need to find ways to work smarter, not harder!

This free eBook and sponsorship readiness checklist will be a great start for you on your journey to seeking and engaging great corporate partners.

I’ve based the information I’m giving you on my years of experience matching the For-Purpose and For-Profit sectors together in accountable partnerships that change our world!

Throughout the eBook I’ll walk you through 8 vital steps that help you plan the very best approach to well-aligned brands, so you can answer their questions and address their concerns before they even raise them!