Transform Your World of Sponsorship in 6 Easy Steps

You need more sponsorship income and more meaningful corporate partnerships.  It’s that simple.

As a sector we are flat out saving lives, researching cures, protecting the environment and making our world a better place.  And miraculously, we are trying to do all this fabulous work on a shoestring budget, with increasing demands on our time and ever diminishing resources.

Nothing you don’t already know, right?

Ready for some good news?

The New Sponsorship Revolution

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented groundswell of support that is putting the non-profit sector firmly in the minds and hearts of people all over the world!

Now more than ever, consumers everywhere are using their purchasing power to demand their favourite brands stop operating from a place of ‘profit at all costs’ and start becoming part of the conversation that helps relieve our social, environmental and animal welfare problems. And no cause, issue or industry is being left out!

There is exciting change on the horizon and with it, our approach to corporates needs to change.  Your organisation, charity or association is in a position to be a valuable marketing partner to the right brand and create transformational partnerships that actually propel you towards your mission.

If you’ve been wondering whether sponsorship and corporate partnerships might be right for your organisation, I can say with absolute confidence that the time is now!

Join Abby for this free 2-hour webinar, jam-packed with brand new research and practical tips to help you create an action plan to transform your world of sponsorship.

What You’ll Learn

  • The vital skills every fundraiser needs to acquire in order to stand out from your competitors in the crowded sponsorship space.

  • The new language to adopt if you want to move from transactional sponsorships to deeply engaged partnerships here for the long term.

  • The common mistakes to avoid that is leaving ‘money on the table’, turning potentially interested partners away and keeping you in a cycle of desperation for funds.

  • The brand-new research that reveals how consumers all over the world are ‘voting’ with their purchasing power and forcing their favourite brands to stand up for the causes they care about. That’s you!

  • You are in fact a very powerful partner to the right brand – we’ll look at where your power lies and how to use it.

  • You don’t have to use guesswork anymore to seek and engage great partners.  There is a step-by-step process that can absolutely transform your world of sponsorship.

What You’ll Get

  • Free Sponsorship Planning Checklist with 30+ action items to ensure you get your ducks in a row BEFORE going out to market for new sponsors.

Is This Webinar For You?

If you are a fundraiser, sponsorship seeker, business development or marketing manager, CEO, Board Director, volunteer or involved in seeking corporate partners for your event or For-Purpose organisation, then you won’t want to miss this!

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About Abby

International speaker and one of Australasia’s leading corporate partnership advisors to the For-Purpose Sector, Abby has spent the last 25 years’ helping fundraisers feel at ease with sponsorship, marketing and sales techniques.  With a background in adult education, comms & marketing, event management and corporate and cause-related sponsorship, she specialises in empowering corporate fundraisers and sponsorship seekers to see that they are not, in fact, a charity in need of handouts, but a powerful marketing partner to the right brand.

It doesn’t matter if you are volunteering on a committee in your rural town, or you’re the corporate partnerships manager for a global charity, every single one of you is working for change and better outcomes, and Abby is in your corner and can teach you how to build transformational partnerships that create meaningful and sustainable impact.

Abby Clemence