Fulfilment reports and auditing your partnerships

When was the last time you delivered an ROI (return on investment) or fulfilment report of some kind to your current partners?

This is about more than typing off your year or event in a pretty bow. I want to keep you safe.

Nearly 60% of corporate marketing managers said they are looking to cut under-performing sponsorships! And the one thing they really want help with?

Reporting and measuring their ROI.

If you can’t afford to lose one partner, let alone 60% of them, join me now, as we work step-by-step through the end of year/event processes that will have your sponsors THANKING YOU for such a wonderful year!

Fulfilment, audits and reporting.

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar Abby will cover:

  • how to set yourself up for success with the right tools and processes for measuring and maintaining your partnerships.
  • how to structure a fulfilment/ROI report that reminds your sponsors of all the things they received as part of their sponsorship (and why it was such a great decision).

  • why choosing to audit your sponsors is the quickest and easiest way to know what they want and what they’ll pay for.
  • what to ask in your sponsor’s survey to become their best-ever marketing partner.
  • how to predict with absolute certainty, what your sponsors want next year, that they didn’t get this year.

  • ways to thank your sponsors that they will love and be able to leverage and share.

What You’ll Get

In this webinar you will receive:

  • A ‘Sponsor Satisfaction Survey’ template to help you gauge how happy they are and what needs to change to help your relationship take a huge step up.

  • A ‘Fulfilment/ROI Report’ template to help you develop your very own report to knock your sponsors’ socks off!

  • Unlimited access to this webinar on-demand.

Is This Webinar For You?

It is if you are a business development or marketing manager, fundraiser, sponsorship seeker, CEO, Board Director, volunteer or involved in seeking corporate partners for your event or For-Purpose organisation.


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  • Access to downloadable webinar resources
  • Access to online Sponsorship Seekers Forum
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Abby Clemence

About Abby

My singular focus is to help you become a better fundraiser.  It is critical that the for-profit and for-purpose sectors come together in partnership so that we can tackle the global social and environmental issues we are all concerned about.

I founded Infinity Sponsorship with this purpose in mind, and bring 25 years in marketing, sales, adult education, communications, event management and corporate / cause-related partnership experience to organisations to help them transform their performance, maximise their impact and increase their income.