30 Habits of the Happy Fundraiser

30 Habits of the Happy Fundraiser

Are you a happy fundraiser?  What constitutes ‘happiness’ anyway?

In my experience there are certain things that hold true for fundraisers who are successful at their craft.  They are knowledgeable, confident and resilient.

What I know to be true is that knowledge breeds confidence.  Confidence breeds success and success, well that tends to breed more success!

Here are the 30 habits that I see in happy fundraisers.

  1. Be kind to yourself and others
  2. Meditate – or take time to centre yourself
  3. Be honest
  4. Dream big
  5. Be patient
  6. Judge less
  7. Smile often
  8. Forgive easily and let it go
  9. Show gratitude
  10. Think positively
  11. Have a strategy and stick to it
  12. Believe in yourself
  13. Stay open to possibilities
  14. Put your needs first – remember your worth
  15. Eat well, drinks lots of water, exercise – look after yourself
  16. Don’t make excuses
  17. Take daily action toward your goals
  18. Speak well of others
  19. Listen to understand
  20. Stay connected to your core mission
  21. Choose faith over fear
  22. Make the most of now
  23. Exercise self-discipline
  24. Look on the bright side
  25. Avoid social comparison
  26. See failure as an opportunity
  27. Don’t take opinions to heart
  28. Invest in your professional development
  29. Let go of what can’t be changed
  30. Get enough sleep
30 Habits of the Happy Fundraiser
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