The New Sponsorship Revolution and The Power of Charity

The New Sponsorship Revolution and The Power of Charity

There are new rules of etiquette in the world of successful sponsorship - a partnership between two like-minded organisations. Finding ways to work more deeply with brands where your core mission and their core business intersect is the secret to success. There has never been a better time to focus your efforts on the corporate sector, as consumers around the world are demanding that companies stop focussing on 'profit at all costs' and start becoming a 'force for social good'. It's time to teach brands the power of charity. Read More...

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Transform your world of sponsorship in 6 easy steps

Transform Your World of Sponsorship in 6 Easy Steps

Is the lack of support for sponsorship in your organisation making it hard to move forward with partnerships? Do you feel overwhelmed about the amount that needs to be done in the little time you have available to dedicate to sponsorship? Are you struggling to work out what benefits a sponsor might be interested in? Not sure who to approach within a company to speak about sponsorship, or how to go about it?

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