Podcast – Telstra’s view on corporate sponsorship

Telstra's view on corporate sponsorship

What if you were given the chance to hear from SPONSORS what they are looking for from your For-Purpose organisation or event? And what if they told you what could be improved about your sponsorship approach as well as the secrets they WANT you to know so you are more successful at connecting with them? In this podcast, Abby spoke with Scott Mullaly, Community Engagement Manager at Telstra to gain his insights on all this sponsorship, including what the sector is already doing well and what needs to be improved in order to tap into the abundance to be had from partnering with well-aligned brands.

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Podcast – How to Find Sponsors for Your Non-Profit

How to Find Sponsors for Your Nonprofit

This is an interview by NonProfit Ally - a Canadian organisation set up specifically to help people understand how to start, build and maintain a non-profit. In this podcast, Abby shares how to prepare a sponsorship marketing plan. Many organisations don't realize is that the money corporate sponsors use to sponsor a non-profit comes from their marketing budget. There is no separate sponsorship 'bucket'. Abby talks about how to discover your target audience and line it up with the interest of a potential sponsor. Using real life scenarios, Abby walks us through how she has helped non-profits raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in sponsorship money.

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Podcast – Inside Sponsorship – Not For Profit Sponsorship

Inside Sponsorship – Not For Profit Sponsorship

In this Inside Sponsorship episode, we speak with Abby Clemence, Director at Infinity Sponsorship, about the Not-For-Profit sector. Abby is one of Australia’s foremost strategic sponsorship advisors to the For-Purpose Sector and has more than 25 years experience in marketing, sales, adult education, communications, event management and corporate and cause-related sponsorship. Abby’s proven pathways to best practice sponsorship support organisations and events to help them understand their value to corporate partners and make compelling approaches that allow them to diversify their income streams and continue their vital work in the community.

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Podcast – Great ways to put together an effective and professional sponsorship proposal

Great Ways To Put Together An Effective And Professional Sponsorship Proposal

In this first episode of the Practical Sponsorship Ideas Podcast, we chat with Abby Clemence about great ways to put together an effective and professional sponsorship proposal. During this episode we cover everything from the key elements of a compelling sponsorship proposal, researching a potential sponsor and thoughts on sponsorship levels to the top mistakes sponsorship seekers make and how to avoid them.

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