Podcast – Inside Sponsorship – Not For Profit Sponsorship

Inside Sponsorship – Not For Profit Sponsorship

In this Inside Sponsorship episode, we speak with Abby Clemence, Director at Infinity Sponsorship, about the Not-For-Profit sector.

Abby is one of Australia’s foremost strategic sponsorship advisors to the For-Purpose Sector and has more than 25 years experience in marketing, sales, adult education, communications, event management and corporate and cause-related sponsorship. Abby’s proven pathways to infinite sponsorship success support For-Purpose organisations, charities and events to help them understand their value to corporate partners and to make compelling approaches that allow them to diversify their income streams and continue their vital work in the community.

Interestingly, while we discussed the Not-For-Profit sector heavily, you should absolutely still listen to the show if you are thinking “I don’t work in that sector”. That’s because, as we spoke, it became quite clear that there are a lot of elements, tactics and mindsets that are equally applicable, no matter where you work, and Abby gives some great advice around it all. There is definitely something for everyone.

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‘Success with fundraising does not come from giving everyone the same thing.
It is only achieved when you can give each person what they need to succeed.’
– Abby Clemence, Founder Infinity Sponsorship

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