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Corporate Partnerships

There is so much abundance and positive social change to be created by partnering with brands that align with your For-Purpose organisation and community of followers and we’re excited to show you how!

We have created a plethora of practical courses, webinars, resources and templates to help you on your corporate partnerships journey.

Whether you’re new to your role, wanting to overhaul your approach to sponsors or are just looking for a few tips to fine tune your strategy, you’ll find something here to help.

Not sure what you need or where to start?  We can help!

We’ve created the Sponsorship Health Check assessment that guides you through 30 multiple choice questions to help you assess where your strengths in sponsorship lie both personally and as an organisation.  We’ve used the principles of best practice sponsorship. Most importantly, it will also reveal where any areas for development may lie so that you can easily identify what support and resources you will need to take your success to greater heights with corporate partners.


Transform your world of sponsorship in 6 easy steps

Transform Your World of Sponsorship in 6 Easy Steps

Is the lack of support for sponsorship in your organisation making it hard to move forward with partnerships? Do you feel overwhelmed about the amount that needs to be done in the little time you have available to dedicate to sponsorship? Are you struggling to work out what benefits a sponsor might be interested in? Not sure who to approach within a company to speak about sponsorship, or how to go about it?

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