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Product Endorsement

Looking for other ways to work with corporates and diversify your For-Purpose organisations revenue streams?

Endorsing a company’s product or service or allowing them to promote their support of you ‘on pack’ can be a powerful proposition for the right brand.  It can also provide your organisation with excellent sources of income, with not alot of work.

There are pros and cons and the ‘Revenue Generator’ webinar and resources below will help you make sense of what the research is saying about the way consumers are shopping, whether offering endorsement or ‘proud supporter’ status to a company might be right for your organisation and how to go about it to make sure that you have everything in place to create successful outcomes for you, the brand you’re endorsing and most importantly, your supporters.


The Swiss Army Knife of Sponsorship Benefits – Webinar

The Swiss Army Knife of Sponsorship Benefits

Are you struggling to work out what to offer your potential corporate partners? Is it because you can't think of a single thing that you could propose that might be of value to them, or any there just too many things going on in your organisation that you don't know how to package it all up?

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Fulfilment, audit and reporting – Finish off your sponsorship year in style!

Fulfilment, audit and reporting
- Finish off your sponsorship year in style!

When was the last time you delivered an ROI (return on investment) or fulfilment report of some kind to your current sponsors? Have you ever surveyed them to see how they are enjoying the experience of being associated with your organisation, programs, or events?

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The 90 Day Sponsorship Plan – Idea to Implementation

The 90 Day Sponsorship Plan - Idea to Implementation

The thing I found most challenging in my non-profit business development role was juggling my ever growing list of responsibilities and to-do's. Even though my core directive was diversifying our income streams by seeking and securing corporate partners, there were so many competing priorities that it was hard to focus and STAY focussed long enough to create a plan.

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Transform your world of sponsorship in 6 easy steps

Transform Your World of Sponsorship in 6 Easy Steps

Is the lack of support for sponsorship in your organisation making it hard to move forward with partnerships? Do you feel overwhelmed about the amount that needs to be done in the little time you have available to dedicate to sponsorship? Are you struggling to work out what benefits a sponsor might be interested in? Not sure who to approach within a company to speak about sponsorship, or how to go about it?

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The Revenue Generator

The Revenue Generator

There are some powerful, creative and inexpensive ways to provide additional benefits to your corporate partners that will add immense value to their brand and create significant abundance to your organisation. It is well documented that more and more consumers are 'shopping with a conscience' and brands that show their support for charities and promote positive social change are reaping the rewards in terms of both their reputation and profits. How could your organisation partner with well-aligned brands in such a way that not only creates much greater awareness of your mission and the outcomes you are seeking, but also creates new and untapped revenue streams? In this webinar Abby explores the benefits and practical implications for your For-Purpose organisation of offering the right brands 'Endorsement' status and 'Proud Supporter' status - two areas that have the potential to transform your performance, maximise your impact and increase your income.

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