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Fundraising Governance

That way that For-Purpose organisations are governed can ensure their effectiveness, accountability and their ability to set and meet their strategic vision.

Organisations are generally governed by a Board of Directors that takes overall responsibility for its work. ‘Governance’ is a term used to describe the Board’s role in:

  • the long term direction of the organisation, including its objectives and purposes
  • implementing policies and activities to achieve objectives
  • complying with legal requirements
  • accountability to those with an interest or ‘stake’ in the charity

Good governance should be embedded at every level of an organisation. The Board is responsible for good governance but they rely on staff, volunteers, advisors and stakeholders to be able to govern well.

When it comes to good governance practices around fundraising, how well is your organisation performing?  Does your Board understand their roles and responsibilities? How well is your CEO supporting your fundraisers?

Fundraising Governance


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Fulfilment, audit and reporting
- Finish off your sponsorship year in style!

When was the last time you delivered an ROI (return on investment) or fulfilment report of some kind to your current sponsors? Have you ever surveyed them to see how they are enjoying the experience of being associated with your organisation, programs, or events?

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