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Athlete Sponsorship

Are you an athlete or adventurer undertaking an epic journey to raise funds for charity?

Whilst you’ve made promises to your chosen charity around helping to raise awareness and funds, you will also be incurring costs whilst you prepare and undertake your activity.

Sponsorship can be a brilliant way to help you cover your costs, reduce your stress and allow you to focus solely on what you need to do.

However, how you look at sponsorship must be more than just trying to get something for free. You will need to take the right approach to engage, maintain and retain sponsorship.

There are simple steps you can take to identify what your sponsorship needs are, who you can obtain sponsorship from and what you have to offer them in return which makes it a great opportunity for companies to jump on board and sponsor you.

Athlete Sponsorship


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Fulfilment, audit and reporting
- Finish off your sponsorship year in style!

When was the last time you delivered an ROI (return on investment) or fulfilment report of some kind to your current sponsors? Have you ever surveyed them to see how they are enjoying the experience of being associated with your organisation, programs, or events?