5 Ways To Identify Your Ideal Sponsor

5 Ways To Identify Your Ideal Sponsor

At the beginning of any great personal relationship, it’s easy to question whether it has all the ingredients to stand the test of time and become a partnership that you can rely on.

It’s the same in sponsorship!  There are always signs that will tell you that you’ve found your ideal sponsor.  Here’s 5 ways to know you’ve found yours.

  • Your sponsor will be a company that has products and services that fill a need, desire or resolve a problem that your supporters have.
  • Your sponsor is a company or brand that is already selling (or wanting to) to your supporters.
  • An ideal partner understands that a major benefit of partnering with your organisation is that you can give them a deeper connection with their target market (your community of followers).
5 Ways To Identify Your Ideal Sponsor
  • They will defer to you as a thought leader or ‘go-to’ source in your field, community or profession and respect the strong relationship you have with your supporters. You are the gate keeper and only through you is the best and direct route to their potential customers.
  • Will be looking for a deeper connection than just ‘advertising’ in a way that delivers tangible benefits to your supporters like education, up to date information, tips that are helpful to your community, discounts, and other benefits that help them do more, be more, understand more.

What others ways do you use to work out whether you’ve found your ideal partner?

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