Today, I’m Exactly Where I’m Meant to Be

I received an email from a lovely woman recently apologising for the fact that she’d been swamped by work and life and hadn’t had a chance to respond to an email I had sent her.

She assured me it was on her ‘to do’ list for the very near future when she ‘came up for air’.

It made me think about the times when I’ve started to plan a project, write a new book, develop a course, start a fitness regime, eat more cleanly (you name it!) filled with good intentions of seeing it through to the end, but then somehow life swamps me and I lose focus on the goals I originally set myself.

Everything seems to grind to a halt.

Does that ever happen to you?

That wave of overwhelm that engulfs you and sends you sinking into a bog of inactivity and lack of clarity.  For the moment you feel unable to continue chipping away at your goals, slowly getting closer to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Some days it feels like nothing I do is enough to propel me closer to my goals.

I know as a sponsorship seeker it can feel like this too.

There are days where everybody seems to be saying ‘no’, you feel alone in your role, working in isolation – misunderstood by your team because you spend your days on the internet or tend to use too much marketing-speak.

The Board doesn’t really get how tough this sponsorship seeking stuff is and you feel under constant pressure to bring in more money and sign up new partners, with not enough budget, time or resources to do so.

I’m still a sponsorship seeker on behalf of organisations and events and despite my naturally happy and positive disposition, some days feel harder than they need to!

Still, one thing I have come to know and trust is there is always a point at which the truth or way forward becomes clear and I can move forward again.  As I have been reflecting on this, I realise that when I have a robust plan, share it with those that I love (or I’m working with) and allow myself to be gently held accountable by others, it always seems enough to set me back on course and recalibrate my focus on where I need to be putting my energy to get the most out of what I’m doing.

I find it really helps, on those tough days when I say to myself, ‘Today I’m exactly where I need to be.’

So, if today is not the best day you’ve ever had, my wish for you is that you find your way out of the overwhelm and realise that doing your best every day is all anyone can ask of you (even if your best today is different from your best on other days.)

If you haven’t got a plan in place to help you move forward, then today might be a good day to spend time creating a roadmap for your future sponsorship strategy. You could sign up for my free webinar too – all about how to transform your world of sponsorship in 6 easy steps.

I can tell you, it feels pretty darn satisfying to get your sponsorship plan for the coming year fleshed out, written down, buzzing amongst the team in the office, on the next Board meeting agenda papers!  Doing this is also about helping you get the support and collaboration you need to move forward from your team.

If you ever need it, I’m happy to be that person you share with, who will gently remind you of the goals you set and where you want to go.

Here’s to you today. 🙂

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Let's Go!
Let's Go!