The MOST Important Sponsorship Questions You’ll Ever Ask

I speak with fundraisers and sponsorship seekers every week that want help engaging great sponsors.

Some of the most common questions I get asked are:

  • ‘Can you help us write a sponsorship proposal?’ and
  • ‘What questions should we ask to have the best chance of success with corporates?’

If you’ve been following my blogs for a while, you’ll know that there are in fact three types of questions that you should be asking potential partners to maximise the brief opportunity you have to differentiate your organisation from all the others that are also approaching that company.  You can read my blog about the power of the right question, here.

But, after years of working with the global charity and association sector, I realise that I may have been lying to you…

The questions you should be asking to give you the BEST chance at sponsorship success are:

  1. Is sponsorship an avenue of revenue-generation that we are prepared to embrace at all levels of our organisation?
  2. What resources, expertise, processes, expectations we need to have in place to give this strategy the best chance of success?
  3. Have we done sufficient due diligence? What will potential sponsors and partners expect of us throughout this journey?
  4. Should we do this?
  5. Are we ready?

Unfortunately, for most organisations, the decision to implement a sponsorship strategy is instigated by a Board directive to ‘explore what corporates out there are willing to part with their money’.

So… now you know what the questions are that you should start with before you make an approach to potential sponsors!

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Let's Go!