How To Use A ‘Positioning Statement’ In Your Sponsorship Proposal

How To Use A ‘Positioning Statement’ In Your Sponsorship Proposal

There are alot of things that people put into a sponsorship proposal, and there are alot of things that shouldn’t be included!

Try and keep your proposal as short and sweet as you can.  Your positioning statement is where the game can be won or lost.  Here are some things to think about including:

How To Use A
  • This is where you need to sell your organisation – be original, be proud. If you are the only one who does what you do, sing it!
  • You must strongly convey the message ‘by partnering with us, we can help you become more successful…’ Know your value as a strong and knowledgeable marketing partner to the right sponsor.
  • Make the sponsor excited to work with you by outlining the opportunities they will have to access people they are trying to get in touch with.
  • Your positioning statement and invitation should ideally include:
    • some emotive language that helps the reader connect to your cause. Don’t just focus on your history, create a story and invite them to become part of it.
    • facts, figures and statistics about who you are, who you represent and how much you contribute to your profession or industry;
    • an outline what’s in it for them? What do they get from being associated with you?; and
    • an indication of when they can expect to hear from you in follow up to the proposal.
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