Ever Considered Asking a Brand to Become Their Event Charity Partner?

Are you looking for new ways to raise money and diversify income streams for your For-Purpose organisation or event?

I had the pleasure of working with Miss Muddy a fantastic event (think Tough Mudder, but shorter, easier, tonnes of fun and for women-only!)  They take their events all around Australia and women turn up in droves to have fun, get down and dirty with their girlfriends for the day.

The thing I love most about the concept of Miss Muddy is that while you’re climbing over obstacles and being shot with colour cannons, part of the proceeds of every participant’s entry fee goes directly to one of their charity partners.

Whilst not all events are as forward-thinking as Miss Muddy, my question is, what is stopping you from approaching events where there is an alignment with your supporter-base and mission and floating the idea of becoming their charity partner?

Ever Considered Becoming A Charity Partner?

Everyone loves ‘good press’, and we know that now more than ever it’s important for brands to be seen by their customers as a’ force for good’, but many companies don’t always know how.

Could you offer to partner with an event and supply volunteer helpers? Could you promote their event to your database (which is free marketing for them!) and if the ‘fit’ is right it means new and fresh content for your supporters.

Could your other corporate partners enter a team into the event and in the lead up use it as a fundraising activity for your organisation? Could your corporate partners supply staff to volunteer at the event on your behalf?

There are so many options!

It’s a win-win-win!

What one thing are you going to do today to help increase the flow of abundance to your organisation?

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Let's Go!
Let's Go!