The majority of non-profit organisations want the money – that amount the sponsor will invest with you that allows you to get on with providing your vital services and programs to your community of followers. However, most non-profits are stuck in the mindset of begging for money by creating ever more events and campaigns asking for donations and by submitting endless tenders to Government to fund their programs. Then… they apply that mindset to finding sponsors.

But sponsors aren’t donors – they’re something altogether different. They’re PARTNERS. By changing your mindset about sponsors you can change your approach, and as I’m about to show you in the next few pages, by changing your approach, you WILL change your results!

8 easy steps to turn cold calls into hot prospects.
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“From the first page of Infinity Sponsorship’s complimentary book, it’s clear to see that Abby has a great deal of ‘real life’ experience and a great knack of translating this experience into extremely valuable advice to readers. When I signed up for the complimentary book, I was expecting a very brief intro that would lead to a promo on how to buy the full version, but as I continued to read, I was not only pleasantly surprise by the fantastic information and advice, but also the fact that Abby was providing all this openly and complimentary to people like me, who are keen to learn more and more about sponsorship and the best approach when searching for sponsors, especially from experts such as Abby. A great read that I will be highly recommending to many of my colleagues and contacts. Now looking forward to working with Abby to attract partners to our events and projects.”