Corporate Partnerships Workshops
2020 The Year of Impact
and Sustainability

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Corporate Partnerships Workshops
2020 The Year of Impact and Sustainability

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More consumers and employees are demanding that businesses stop operating from a place of ‘profit at all costs’ and
start becoming part of the solution to the problems our world and communities face.

They want brands to support the causes they care about by giving them opportunities to give back and make an impact.

More and more brands are realising that they have to develop a ‘social purpose or die’.

How are they doing this?

Many are looking to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a light house in stormy seas to help them navigate this journey.

The world of corporate partnerships is changing. Are you keeping up?

Many organisations are desperate for funds and resources, but are still stuck in old habits and mindsets that are
harming their efforts to be successful with corporate partnerships.


Charities need to raise money and businesses need to make money…

When both come together in ways that support their combined success and focus on creating positive impact, the results can be transformational for our people and planet!

There are a myriad ways that the for-purpose and for-profits sectors can work together in partnership, and the first steps to working out which models are right for your organisation, is to understand how the landscape is changing and to identify your corporate partnerships sweet spot.

You are a valuable marketing partner and solution provider to the right brand, and vice versa.  It’s time to work out where your core mission and their core business intersect!

In this highly interactive and hands-on workshop, Abby will show you how to truly create opportunities for shared value by identifying how you can solve the pain points that your ideal partners have right now.

We’ll cover:

  • The trends that are shaping successful partnerships and why now is the perfect time to create a partnerships strategy.
  • The United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how businesses are using them to guide their path to developing a social purpose.
  • Developing your value proposition to the right partner by understanding where a brand’s pain points are and how you can solve their problems.
  • The myriad partnership opportunities open to your organisation, beyond traditional sponsorship.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Re-frame your concept of successful sponsorships and partnerships by looking at the trends that are changing the way they work.
  • Navigate the UN’s SDGs and understand why they are a powerful partnerships tool.
  • Engage your entire organisation to create a value proposition that’s unique to your organisation and mission.
  • Move beyond traditional sponsorship models and into multi-dimensional partnerships.

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Sydney 9 April 2020 Beaumont People, Level 29/259 George St, Sydney
Melbourne 7 May 2020 Cancer Council, 615 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne
Brisbane 28 May 2020 Flight Centre Travel Group, 275 Grey St, South Brisbane
Adelaide 24 August 2020 Volunteering SA/NT, Level 5/182 Victoria Square, Adelaide
Perth 26 August 2020 Peppers Kings Square, 621 Wellington St, Perth


  • Fundraiser
  • CEO

  • Business Development Manager

  • Corporate Partnerships Manager

  • Founder

  • New to the sector

  • Marketing Officer
  • Sponsorship Manager


Book and attend the full-day workshop and you’ll go in the draw to win a 12-month scholarship to Abby’s online course, the Fundraising Academy! (RRP $1250)

That’s 80+ hours of rich content, 70+ templates and live coaching every month. For free.

Numbers are capped at strictly 20 people for each workshop.

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‘I just loved meeting other like-minded people going through similar challenges as me. The icebreaker exercise was great! There was so much context given throughout the day, and it was so good to understand all the research, stats and changes. Thank you for a great day.’


‘Just loved the brainstorming and interaction throughout the day. You really understood our personal needs and affirmed that no matter what stage we’re at, it’s never too late to gain these skills.’


‘Abby has a gift for keeping everyone’s attention right here, right now. I found the day so practical, you gave me so much stuff to take away and implement.’


‘Abby brought expert knowledge, insight and solid examples to break down a huge topic in a short period of time. Abby made a hard topic fun and easy to digest. Thank you.’


‘There were so many things that I loved about this workshop! The exchanging of ideas within the group and the real-life examples by Abby of her past experiences. She created such a comfortable learning space and was welcoming of all levels of experiences. Thanks for the friendly banter and humour!’


‘There was such a large volume of information that we covered! And I love that we didn’t just scrape the surface – we dug deep into corporate partnerships.’


‘It was particularly helpful to fill in the blanks and have space to write down my thoughts and Abby’s anecdotes in the workbook. It was also great to hear the points of views of other For-Purpose organisations. Abby’s knowledge of the corporate partnerships landscape is invaluable.’


‘Abby is a fabulous coach with practical advice to build your skills, no matter where you are in establishing your corporate partnership strategy and program. She is a wonderful presenter – ready with a story of her own experiences (both good and not-so-good) to keep it real. It’s refreshing to such an open and honest exchange of ideas. Very grateful.’.’


‘Abby’s openness and kindness really struck me. She shared great examples and stories. I truly found this workshop so helpful in teaching me everything! It is a great start – especially to a new employee within partnerships!’


‘The corporate partnerships workshop facilitated by Abby was a win-win. New learnings in terms of current research, but also an affirmation of what we are currently experiencing with our partners. Thank you, Abby, for such a worthwhile day!’


‘Abby is a great presenter and facilitator and uses real-life examples to get her point across. She got the room involved in the session and was generous with her knowledge.’


‘The whole day was engaging and energised. Abby is a knowledgeable and gifted presenter. Her insight and care is amazing – the tools are wonderful, well set out and a roadmap for any budding fundraiser/partnerships person.’


‘I enjoyed having my own experience and what I’ve learned on the job being related back to me. Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know and it’s good to be reassured that we’re on the right track.’


‘Your authenticity was lovely and your energy infectious. It was great to get a solid overview of corporate sponsorship and the latest research and industry trends.’


What makes Infinity Sponsorship different from other training?

Our pathway to best-practice partnerships teaches you how to stop wasting precious time wondering which brands out there are willing to ‘part with their money’ and gives you a step-by-step process to approach the right brands that see you as a valuable marketing partner.
Thousands of charities have made millions of dollars using our best practice
partnerships coaching and training.


The world of corporate partnerships is changing.

Still, many organisations are desperate for funds and resources,
but are stuck in old habits and mindsets that no longer serve them.

These workshops can give you clarity and a pathway forward to propel you
towards impactful and sustainable partnerships!


$29500+ GST
  • Earlybird pricing end dates per state
  • Sydney : 14th February 2020
  • Melbourne : 29th February 2020
  • Brisbane : 31st March 2020
  • Adelaide : 30th June 2020
  • Perth : 30th June 2020


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24 August 2020


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International speaker and one of Australia’s leading corporate partnership advisors to the rich and diverse For-Purpose sector, Abby helps brands and charities unlock the secrets of great partnerships.

Her speciality lies in teaching fundraisers and marketing managers alike to build partnerships that create meaningful and sustainable impact.

It doesn’t matter if you’re volunteering on a committee in your rural town, or working for a global brand – every single one of you is working for change and better outcomes.

In her national workshop series, you’ll be guided through the steps needed to develop a successful partnerships strategy in 2020 and beyond.