The Three Sides to Social Impact

The Three Sides of ‘Social Impact’

The power of one, the power of many and the change-makers

This webcast was held on Tuesday 7th March 2017 by Redback Conferencing.

The US has been tracking consumer attitudes towards business’ involvement in social causes for more than 20 years and in that time corporate support for social and environmental issues has exploded. In Australia, our journey into this world has comparatively only just begun, awareness is on the rise and the opportunities are endless and exciting.

So how can we truly create good by harnessing the power of consumers, companies and charities?

In this webcast we’ll uncover:

  • What is social impact?

  • What does global and local research say? How are people like us driving the social impact revolution?

  • How are individuals, companies and charities coming together to do social and environmental good?

  • What are the risks if we don’t do it well?

  • How can ‘social good’ partnerships’ flourish and make real impact?

How Much Does This All Cost?

Let’s Go!

About Abby

Abby Clemence

Abby Clemence, Founder of Infinity Sponsorship is passionate about helping For-Purpose organisations, charities and events navigate the vital mindset shift from being a charity in need of handouts to understanding an organisation’s pivotal role as a valuable marketing partner to the right company.  Her strategies are being used throughout the Sector in organisations both large and small to create outstanding relationships that foster sustainability, growth, influence and support of the communities they serve.

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