The Non-Profit Guide To Best Practice Sponsorship

The Non-Profit Guide To Best Practice Sponsorship

What does best practice sponsorship in the For-Purpose sector look like?

Lots of information can be found about certain ‘points’ in the sponsorship journey – like creating a great proposal or asking good questions in sponsorship meetings, but without understanding the rest of the process, you risk making an approach to a potential sponsor that you can’t undo if it doesn’t go to plan.

There are defined steps involved in being able to create and leverage committed and sustainable corporate partnerships.  Steps that start with creating a plan, finding where your best potential partners are and building relationships with them, connecting with and securing their involvement and ultimately keeping them.

If you’ve been searching for more support to navigate the journey to success with sponsorship, then I’m delighted to have you join me for this FREE webinar as we ‘unpack’ best practice sponsorship and show you that there is a pathway to success, and the process does not just start with a list of prospects and a generic proposal.

The Non-Profits Guide To Best Practice Sponsorship

What You’ll Learn

A high level overview of the 16 steps involved in best practice non-profit sponsorship and what you need to do to give you the best chance at success.

  • Step 1 – Creating a Culture of ‘Commercial Acceptance’ – your Board and sponsorship

  • Step 2 – Creating a Sponsorship Policy

  • Step 3 – Knowing What Sponsors Want

  • Step 4 – Working Out What to Offer a Sponsor

  • Step 5 – Targeting the Right Sponsor
  • Step 6 – Building the Relationship

  • Step 7 – Valuing Your Proposition

  • Step 8 – Creating the Ideal Sponsorship Proposal

  • Step 9 – Negotiating the Sponsorship

  • Step 10 – Securing the Partnership

  • Step 11 – Working Collaboratively With Sponsors

  • Step 12 – Handling Difficult Situations With Sponsors

  • Step 13 – Measuring and Maintaining the Relationship

  • Step 14 – Preparing for Renewals

  • Step 15 – Exiting the Sponsorship
  • Step 16 – Renewing the Sponsorship

What time is the webinar?

Webinar runs daily.

All times are shown in Brisbane, Australia (AEST) timezone.

  • 5:00 AM
  • 11:00 AM
  • 6:30 PM

How Much Does This All Cost?

Let’s Go!

What You’ll Get

  • Assessment – Sponsorship Health Check
Abby Clemence

About Abby

My singular focus is to help you become a better fundraiser.  It is critical that the for-profit and for-purpose sectors come together in partnership so that we can tackle the global social and environmental issues we are all concerned about.

I founded Infinity Sponsorship with this purpose in mind, and bring 25 years in marketing, sales, adult education, communications, event management and corporate / cause-related partnership experience to organisations to help them transform their performance, maximise their impact and increase their income.

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