Take Your Time Finding The Right ‘Fit’ With A Potential Sponsor

Take Your Time Finding The Right ‘Fit’ With A Potential Sponsor

Finding the companies and brands that are the ‘right fit’ to partner with your For-Purpose organisation, charity or event is a vital part of the sponsorship seeking process.

Unfortunately, this is where most sponsorship seekers choose to start their journey.

The high priority need for new and greater sources of income to fund programs and service members drives many organisations  to arbitrarily approach any company who might be willing to provide them with money without fully understanding just how successful they could be if they had a clear plan of action.

Take your time finding the right

The challenge is, that commencing your sponsorship seeking efforts without a plan and research in place means that you have missed vital steps in the process (like forgetting to create the foundation of your new house before putting the walls in) and so the likelihood of long-term success is drastically minimised. Until you know what you have to offer, are supported internally and have policies in place that define how your organisation sees corporate partnerships, then you are potentially building your house on sand… and we all know how that turns out.

Finding the companies and brands that are willing to align with your organisation is not just about asking ‘who are we going to approach?’ This part of the process means taking the time to value your offering to potential sponsors, do your research to ensure a strong alignment, build relationships with potential partners and craft a compelling sponsorship proposal.

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