The Swiss Army Knife of Sponsorship Benefits – Live Webinar

The Swiss Army Knife of Sponsorship Benefits

Daily. 10:00am AEST

Are you struggling to work out what to offer your potential corporate partners? Is it because you can't think of a single thing that you could propose that might be of value to them, or any there just too many things going on in your organisation that you don't know how to package it all up?

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Fulfilment, audit and reporting – Finish off your sponsorship year in style!

Fulfilment, audit and reporting
- Finish off your sponsorship year in style!

When was the last time you delivered an ROI (return on investment) or fulfilment report of some kind to your current sponsors? Have you ever surveyed them to see how they are enjoying the experience of being associated with your organisation, programs, or events?

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The 90 Day Sponsorship Plan – Idea to Implementation

The 90 Day Sponsorship Plan - Idea to Implementation

The thing I found most challenging in my non-profit business development role was juggling my ever growing list of responsibilities and to-do's. Even though my core directive was diversifying our income streams by seeking and securing corporate partners, there were so many competing priorities that it was hard to focus and STAY focussed long enough to create a plan.

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Purpose and Profit – Choosing the Right Corporate Partner

Purpose and Profit - Choosing the Right Corporate Partner

With global spending on corporate partnerships set to exceed all other types of marketing spend over the next 12 months*, opportunities abound for non-profits to create shared value and meaningful relationships with well aligned companies.

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The New Sponsorship Revolution And The Power Of Charity

The New Sponsorship Revolution And The Power Of Charity

There are new rules of etiquette in the world of successful sponsorship, and they are all about creating a partnership between two like-minded organisations. Finding ways to work more deeply with brands where your core mission and their core business intersect is the secret to success. There has never been a better time to focus your efforts on the corporate sector, as consumers around the world are demanding that companies stop focussing on 'profit at all costs' and start becoming a 'force for social good'. It's time to teach brands the power of charity.

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From Cold to Sold – The Sponsorship Sales Process (3 webinar series) – Webinar

From Cold to Sold - The Sponsorship Sales Process

Part 1: 23rd August, 2017. 11:00am AEST
Part 2: 6th September, 2017. 11:00am AEST
Part 3: 20th September, 2017. 11:00am AEST

Sponsorship is about relationships... AND it's about sales. Do you need to be a 'salesperson' to be successful at sponsorship? No. But you DO need to understand the principles of selling in order to achieve consistent success. (3-part webinar series - each week for 3 weeks)

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The Three Sides to Social Impact

FREE WEBCAST - The Three Sides of 'Social Impact'

The US has been tracking consumer attitudes towards business' involvement in social causes for more than 20 years and in that time corporate support for social and environmental issues has exploded. In Australia, our journey into this world has comparatively only just begun, awareness is on the rise and the opportunities are endless and exciting. So how can we truly create good by harnessing the power of consumers, companies and charities?

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The Non-Profit Guide To Best Practice Sponsorship

FREE WEBINAR -The Non-Profit Guide To Best Practice Sponsorship

There is alot of information available that addresses certain 'points' in the sponsorship journey - like creating a great proposal or cultivating sales skills, but without understanding the rest of the process, you risk making an approach to a potential partner that you can't undo if it doesn't go to plan. If you are a For-Purpose organisation or event, then you are in the right place. Are you aware of the powerful elements that you can bring to your corporate partnerships? There are things that are unique to your cause that makes your sponsorship journey different to any other. Steps that you should follow if you want to create and leverage committed and sustainable partnerships. In this free webinar, Abby will 'unpack' best practice sponsorship and show you that there is absolutely a pathway to success for your organisation, and it does not start with a sponsorship proposal and a list of prospects.

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Sponsorship For Fundraising Athletes

Sponsorship For Fundraising Athletes

Are you an athlete or adventurer (elite, accomplished or simply passionate) raising money for charity? Do you need help covering your own expenses whilst you are raising awareness for this cause so close to your heart? To help you achieve your fundraising activities, you may want to engage sponsorship. This kind of support can cover your costs in preparing and completing your activity, help you to reach the heights you've envisioned and is completely separate from the funds you raise for your chosen charity! You don’t need to be elite or even competitive to engage valuable and meaningful sponsorship. The key is to approach the right brands, in the right way, with the right offer. There is absolutely abundance to be made and when you are raising funds for an organisation or cause that you believe in, you need to make sure that you are supported fully to achieve your goals.

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How To Get Your Board and CEO To Support Your Sponsorship Efforts

How To Get Your Board and CEO To Support Your Sponsorship Efforts

It takes a whole organisation to implement a successful corporate partnership strategy and everyone from your Board, CEO, team and volunteers will need to be involved at some stage of the process! How well does your organisation or event team pull together? As the sponsorship-seeker for your For-Purpose organisation do you feel supported to really dedicate the time you need to seek and secure great partners? In this webinar, we will be discussing some key issues that will help you raise a hand and get the support you need from both your Board and CEO. Abby will address important issues like, the role of your Board in implementing a philanthropic campaign is well documented, why then is no-one talking about the conflict of interest that exists if they are also your sponsors? There are things that every CEO should know about supporting their fundraisers - how well does your CEO rate?

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Mastering The Art Of Cold Calling

Mastering The Art Of Cold Calling

The right corporate partners can make all the difference to the calibre of the events you run, the programs you deliver, the talent you can attract on staff and most importantly the experience your supporters have of your organisation. How is your sponsorship strategy coming along? Are you having great success or are you challenged by the thought of picking up the phone to build rapport with someone you've never met? Cold calls aren’t only for salespeople. In the For-Purpose sector, cold calling is a highly sought-after skill where the uses are seemingly endless - organising volunteers, lobbying government, dealing with the media, welcoming new supporters, surveying exiting members and asking people for donations. The truth is, you need sponsorship investment, and you need it now. In this webinar, Abby will give you the practical tools, processes and words you need to get on the phone today and be successful at engaging companies to support you.

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Non-Profit Sponsorship 101

Non-Profit Sponsorship 101

Are you new to sponsorship? Do you feel like your skills could do with a refresh? Are you just not getting traction with potential sponsors but not sure what's going wrong? Is this the first time you've worked for a For-Purpose organisation or event? If you've suddenly found yourself in a role where you've been asked to get sponsors (whether you're a fundraiser, volunteer, CEO or Board Director) and feel totally out of your comfort zone, or if you want to take it back to basics and understand how to make a compelling approach to corporate partners, then Non-Profit Sponsorship 101 is for you. In this webinar, Abby reveals the latest global research to help you understand why sponsorship in the sector is so compelling to the right brands, as well as unpacking the benefits that only organisations that are For-Purpose, For-Passion and For-Social Change can offer their partners.

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Sponsorship Secrets From Corporate Land

Sponsorship Secrets From Corporate Land

What if you were given the chance to hear from SPONSORS what they are looking for from your For-Purpose organisation or event? And what if they told you what could be improved about your sponsorship approach as well as the secrets they WANT you to know so you are more successful at connecting with them? There is amazing abundance to be had with sponsorship, but what elements make up the best sponsorship relationship for a company? Can you give a sponsor what they are looking for without compromising your reputation or morals? The answer is yes - because sponsors are looking for connection. Enhancing your supporter's experience of your organisation or event makes them look good too. In this webinar, Abby reveals the answers to questions she's been asking companies and brands about their sponsorship habits. Questions that as a sponsorship seeker in the For-Purpose sector, you will want to know the answers to!

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Finding Your Next Sponsor In Three Easy Steps

Finding Your Next Sponsor In Three Easy Steps

You need sponsorship, and you need it now. Every day that passes is a missed opportunity to get you one step closer to being able to truly maximise your organisation's impact and increase your income. Do you know what to look for when researching the best companies to invest in your organisation or event? Do you know the things that would make a brand more likely to say yes to partnering with you? Are you making it too easy for them to say no, without even realising it? If you're having trouble finding a strong alignment with a potential sponsor, the great news is that the answer lies within easy reach! In this webinar, Abby gives you three keys you need to find your next corporate partner, and the tools to combine them to ensure that each approach you make to a company is the very best use of your time and theirs.

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Creating Stunning Sponsorship Proposals

Creating Stunning Sponsorship Proposals

Proposals absolutely have their place in the sponsorship journey, but there are some key things that every sponsorship-seeker should know. Things that sponsors WANT you to know too! Knowing the difference between what a proposal is and what it is NOT, as well as what the responsible use of proposals looks like is key if you want to be successful with sponsors. Everyone wants the perfect proposal - the one that instantly impresses a brand and gets them pick up the phone to make a time to meet. But there are certain things that you need to include and others that are a deal-breaker if you add them to your proposal - do you know which is which? In this webinar, Abby covers all of this and more as well as the step by step process of creating a stunning proposal that makes it easy for brands to get involved with you.

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Sponsorship Negotiations Mastery

Sponsorship Negotiations Mastery

Speaking with a company at any stage of the sponsorship process can be terrifying prospect, especially when you're under incredible pressure to get this investment across the line for your organisation or event! When looking for great corporate partners, somewhere along the way sponsorship-seekers can begin to doubt their value and abilities and become disempowered in their discussions with potential partners. As if somehow potential sponsors have the key to a mysterious lock they can't decode, or as the holder of the purse strings, For-Purpose organisations must resort to accepting scraps or handing everything over on a silver platter. In this webinar, Abby explores real world sponsorship negotiations, drawing on her own experience of dealing with thousands of brands. She outlines the defined stages in negotiations and gives you practical advice and support for becoming wiser in your negotiations and staying true to your own style every step of the way.

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Go Team! Getting Your Entire Team Enthused About Fundraising

Go Team! Getting Your Entire Team Enthused About Fundraising

As you know, good governance is central to ensuring that boards and committees are effective at leading the For-Purpose organisation they serve while also meeting their legal and compliance responsibilities. But how do you instil a sense of passion for your cause that translates into your leadership really getting involved in every aspect of the fundraising equation? Fundraisers cannot work in isolation, apart from being 'people-people', their work touches everyone in their organisation and enables the good work to happen in the community. There's a new way of thinking when it comes to engaging your board (and every level of your organisation in their role in fundraising) and during this webinar Kate will walk you step-by-step through how to transition from the current dominant approach to the emerging paradigm. Getting your whole team enthused about, and engaged with fundraising is the key to great success and sustainability.

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The CEO And The Fundraiser

The CEO And The Fundraiser

Every For-Purpose, For-Passion and For-Impact CEO and Board member has a responsibility to the fundraising process. To not only understand it, but be a part of it and support those at the coalface of raising money. In order to do that, they need to understand why donors give, what motivates brands to partner and whose job it is to convince them. Unfortunately for many organisations, there is a missing element in the duty of care given to fundraisers that sees high rates of burnout, low levels of morale and being asked to undertake duties that are not part of the fundraising role. There are certain things that every CEO should know about fundraising, not just understanding how to really add support and guidance, but how their fundraisers add incredible value to the CEO's strategic role and delegation within the organisation.

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