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Be no longer willing to believe that success with sponsors happens only for other organisations, other events.


And be open to being led with vision, heart, and integrity…


Abby Clemence

That said, finding your flow with your sponsorship strategy can seem challenging, overwhelming, and a whole lot of daunting if you’re new to it …or even if you’ve been at it a while.

So to help, I’ve put together my best work, hard won experience, failures, learnings and successes into a step-by-step online course.

This course isn’t like others you may have seen.  I spent three years building it.  Travelled the world, speaking to fundraisers like you, their CEO’s, their Boards, everyone I could find in the For-Purpose sector to tell me what they wanted in a sponsorship program.

The result?

I can put my hand on my heart and say there is no program like this anywhere. In the world.

16 step-by-step modules with videos and webinars to guide you through each phase of the pathway to best practice sponsorship.

19 ‘real life’ examples and resources to download.

28 templates for you to download and use straight away.  Includes sponsorship policies, contracts, proposals, return on investment reports, exit surveys for sponsors, media releases, research trackers, sponsorship benefits matrix and so much more!

I’m with you every step of the way.

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Not sure if this program is for you?

Here’s what others are saying…

  • I feel privileged and happy to have completed the Sponsorship Foundations program. It was a wonderful experience and most helpful as, securing any sponsorship is extremely valuable for a non profit organization like us.

    I am convinced that a charity has to work like a business to be successful and sustainable and it has to work at getting and securing sponsorships and not keep on waiting for handouts or charity.

    The whole online course is set out in a very friendly manner, it's actually more like a discussion, yet at the same time very informative and educational. It made us realize which avenues we can approach to target sponsors who would be willing to support us.

    The very first video 'How To Get The Most Out Of The Sponsorship Foundations Program' is very powerful as it truly defines all that can be achieved and how it can be achieved successfully through the course. It deals with handling problems faced while doing the course in the most practical and successful manner.

    Most of our supporters are the underprivileged of our society. We always thought we could not target any sponsors as we could not offer them any potential “clients” but thanks to this program we have realised that in Pakistan, mobile telephone companies are targeting the low income demographic and we can approach them for sponsorship.
    The course material, online seminars, videos and templates all are extremely helpful. I loved all the online seminars the most. The templates make our work so easy and they can be easily modified according to individual need.
    This program was very good value for money and I would recommend it to anyone who needs some help looking at their organisation from a 'sponsorship' perspective.

    Nighat ShahPresident - Alzohra Welfare Association
  • The Sponsorship Foundations Program is unlike anything I have ever seen - very well designed, thorough and is an incredibly worthy learning tool! It provides you with the step-by-step framework you need to find the right corporate partners to invest in your organisation. Each of the 16 lessons are very informative and educational, providing many ‘Ah Ha’ moments, and was the perfect blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. I have learned a lot from the course and I am absolutely sure that I can apply everything I have learned in the real world to be a more effective and efficient sponsorship-seeker for the Not-For-Profit that I am dedicated to.

    Abby is a fabulous teacher and is very knowledgeable and experienced on the whole process, providing many real-life anecdotes that I could relate to.

    The examples and templates that Abby has included in each lesson of the Sponsorship Foundations program are extremely beneficial - it was such a relief not to have to try and create them all myself! I look forward to adapting them to my organisation and implementing them ASAP.

    The Sponsorship Foundations program is such a thorough course that has enabled me, as the sponsorship-seeker, to learn at my own pace, have access to support when I need it, and keep the tools that I will continue to use and build upon as I further my career in sponsorship.

    I look forward to being wildly successful in the whole corporate sponsorship process. What a great online training program!

    Angela PhillipsCorporate Partnerships Manager - Variety QLD
  • Have just completed Sponsorship Foundations Program. What an amazing experience. So many ideas with practical help and templates to take to my committee and help us get real sponsorship seeking underway. We are just a small group but can see that for us this may increase our ability to put more back into the community. Seeing creating partnerships with sponsors as beneficial to both parties rather than a handout for us is a big mindshift for me. Feel that any sponsors we attract will get more out of this too. Thanks for the inspiration and practical help in equal measure.

    Viv CampbellBatesmans Bay NSW
  • I’ve done online courses before but I have never experienced anything like the quality and focus of the Sponsorship University. I’m a real beginner with sponsorship and I feel like my capacity and understanding has been transformed as a result of completing the Sponsorship Foundations Program.
    The Sponsorship University is grounded in the reality of the not for profit sector. It takes a big picture view of the issues around developing sponsorship partnerships and then takes the learner through the practical steps of understanding and developing the materials. I can’t believe the quality of the templates which take so much work out of the process and have given me new confidence with how to approach sponsorship.
    Abby’s thorough knowledge and clear presentations are reinforced by real examples. Her natural energy and commitment to the not for profit sector come through in every session and buoyed me up whenever I felt like the sessions would be a drag! I loved the fact that I could whizz through a couple of sessions in a block or take it slowly and develop all my tailored materials along the way. I feel so empowered about the process of sponsorship partnerships and I am able to communicate confidently within and beyond my organisation about the way forward. Already positive partnerships are developing and the whole organisation is taking a more sustainable approach to sponsorship. I can’t thank you enough for taking the weight off my shoulders and giving me the impetus and tools to move forward.

    Andrea DeanYoung Catholic Women's Interfaith Fellowship
  • I have been in the NFP sector for just over 20 years now – and over that period have worn many different hats in an evolving organisation. A common story!
    Over this time I have listened to countless presentations on a variety of subjects with equally varying benefit. However today – your whole presentation was fabulous and has left me feeling re-awakened and re-inspired. I am sure you have also motivated many who are new to this – and the ‘practical pearls’ you shared, like not needing to be a particular personality type or have special skills to be successful but rather to use the tools you offer, be organised and practice! I loved that you emphasised relationship and authenticity and backed it up with examples of what that looks like.
    You are a great example of when we truly believe in what we do it motivates others to want to be a part of it!
    I believe NFP Boards would realise a wonderful investment in both their people and the health of the organisation they govern, by offering this opportunity of learning and support.

    Janine EwanCEO - Dove House Clinical Services

Click on the tabs below to see descriptions of each module in the Sponsorship Foundations Program.

What Are The Modules?

Best Practice Sponsorship

Modules 1 – 4 of the Sponsorship Foundations Program

When you decide that you’re ready to engage sponsors, the process can be greatly streamlined by putting a plan into action before making an approach to a brand.  This plan should focus on maximising internal support by ensuring the processes, procedures, culture and team you have in place are robust and setting you up for success on all levels.  Part of this phase includes creating a culture of ‘commercial acceptance’ that promotes whole-of-organisation commitment to support your sponsorship-seeking efforts.

Creating Board Commitment To Corporate Sponsorship

This module looks at the importance of getting internal buy-in and the support of your CEO and Board of Directors before embarking upon creating a sponsorship strategy.  If you don’t have internal buy-in, you are not ready to commence seeking and engaging corporate sponsors.

Includes: Board Commitment to Corporate Sponsorship Policy example and template.

Creating a Sponsorship Policy

This modules covers the reasons why every non-profit trying to engage corporate sponsors should have a sponsorship policy – how to create one, who should sign off on it and exactly what a policy like this should be used for.

Includes: Corporate Sponsorship Policy example and template.

Knowing What Sponsors Want

Understanding what a sponsor is looking for access to is the key to successful partnerships. It is vital to understand the demographics and details of the supporter base that follow you.  If you approach a potential sponsor, you need to be confident that you can offer them access to a target market they aren’t yet doing business with.

Includes: Who Are Our Supporters spreadsheet example and template.

Working Out What to Offer a Sponsor

This module looks at the ways that you can leverage your current communications channels and make them an avenue for sponsors to connect with your supporters so that they become more successful, you get the vital investment you are seeking and your supporters’ experience of being involved with your organisation or event is enhanced.

Includes: Annual Marketing Schedule &  Sponsorship Benefits Matrix example and template.

Modules 5 – 8 of the Sponsorship Foundations Program

Finding companies that are willing to align with your organisation or event is not just about asking ‘who are we going to approach?’ In this part of the process we dive deeply into helping you work out how to value your offering to potential sponsors, showing you the kind of research you need to do to ensure a strong alignment, knowing where the decision makers are, how to build relationships with potential partners and craft a compelling proposal and approach.

Targeting the Right Sponsor

There is no point undertaking a ‘spray’ campaign in the hope that someone might be interested in becoming a sponsor – it’s never a good return on investment of your time. The ‘fit’ has to be right. We cover the ways to work out who you should target as a potential sponsorship partner.

Includes: Potential Sponsor List example and template.

Building the Relationship

There are ways to introduce your organisation or event to a company that will give you optimal results. There are also pitfalls and things to avoid. In this module we look at the easiest ways to turn your cold calls into hot prospects.

Includes: Sponsorship Research Tracker & Sponsorship Call Tracker example and template.

Valuing Your Proposition

What are you worth to a potential sponsor? How much should you charge them for accessing a target market they aren’t yet doing business with? We look at strategies and formulas to help work out the worth of the opportunity you represent and things to take into consideration to help ensure that you are providing and receiving value.

Includes: Sponsorship Investment Formula & Examples.

Creating the Ideal Sponsorship Proposal

Every successful sponsorship proposal has elements that make it impactful, relevant and exciting to a potential partner. In this module, we cover all of them!

Includes: Sponsorship Proposal Creation Guide – page by page examples and guides on what to write.

Modules 9 – 12 of the Sponsorship Foundations Program

If you want to connect with corporate partners, ensure you feel confident negotiating a relationship that works for both parties, secure the partnership with a legally binding contract, publicly announce the partnership, ensuring that you are both ‘singing from the rooftops’ about the great work you will do together and know that ahead there may be times when you will need to work through some kinks.

Negotiating the Sponsorship

It takes skill and persistence to get a sponsorship over the line. In this module we look at the techniques you will need to approach and manage your communications with sponsors, including their questions, objections as well as debunking some of the techniques they use to secure the best price.

Includes: Non Disclosure Agreement example and template.

Securing the Partnership

Once you have a partner that is willing to work alongside you, you need to ensure that you secure a deal that both parties are excited about activating. We cover the essential elements, clauses and terms that your sponsorship contract should contain.

Includes: Sponsorship Contract (Small Investment) & Full Corporate Partnership Agreement example and template.

Working Collaboratively With Sponsors

This module looks at making sure that you deliver on the contract, announcing the partnership, continuing to build trust and the elements involved in creating a successful dual communications strategy with your sponsor.

Includes: Partnership Media Release example and template.

Handling Difficult Situations With Sponsors

Prevention is better than cure, but when difficult people or situations arise then you need a plan of action. We look at the more common scenarios that you can encounter and how to handle tricky situations with professional ease and aplomb!

Includes: Sponsor Interaction Minute Chart example and template.

Modules 13 – 16 of the Sponsorship Foundations Program

After employing months of hard work, the very last thing you want is to lose a sponsor because you haven’t delivered what you promised, or worse, created expectations that you weren’t able to keep.  This phase of the process also looks at measuring and maintaining your relationships as well how to navigate an early exit from a partnership, should either party wish to leave the relationship.

Measuring and Maintaining the Relationship

What’s your job to measure? What is your sponsor’s job to measure? We look at the importance of reporting and transparency and unravel the complexities of the intangible parts of a sponsorship deal.

Includes: Sponsorship Delivery Schedule & Return on Investment Report example and template.

Preparing for Renewals

Discussions and evaluations around your sponsor’s expectations should be a regular occurrence, not just something you cover at renewal time. Learn the tips involved in ensuring that you get to the end of your time together and your sponsor wants to renew for longer and more investment!

Includes: Preparing for renewals checklist and questions example and template.

Exiting the Sponsorship

Sometimes, despite your best efforts things just don’t work out. What do you do now? We cover the reasons that sponsorships can fall apart, as well as graceful communication strategies that can allow both parties to exit a relationship on amicable terms and keep your great reputation intact.

Includes: Sponsor Feedback Survey example and template.

Renewing the Sponsorship

This module looks at ensuring that both parties understand each other’s objectives of the partnership moving forward, as well as the do’s and don’ts of the renewal process.

Includes: Addendum to an Existing Contract example and template.

What Will I Get?

Each module in the Sponsorship Foundations Program takes you step-by-step through key learnings to help you create and implement your own best practice corporate partnership strategy for your organisation.   At every stage, you are fully supported by:

  • videos
  • comprehensive webinars
  • 19 ‘real-life’ policies, contracts, proposals, reports – every aspect of the process that we address throughout the program.
  • 28 templates and guides for you to download and adapt for your own organisation or event. We’ve done the ‘heavy lifting’ for you, so you don’t have to wonder what you should be creating and what it should say.
  • offline coaching support, if you choose it. See here for more details about how we can support you through your Sponsorship Foundations Program journey.

The beauty of the Sponsorship Foundations Program is that it will fast track your success as we guide you through the theory and give you the real life examples and templates to implement your own tailored strategy.

How Much Does This All Cost?


  • Registration for EVERY live monthly webinar
  • Access to resources that come with EVERY webinar
  • Unlimited replay option
  • Access to online forum
  • LIVE coaching through monthly Q&A sessions
  • Unlimited access to on-demand webinar library
  • Full Sponsorship Foundations Program – 16 modules
  • Members-only podcasts, webcasts
  • Variety of sponsorship eBooks
  • More than 45 templates
  • We have a template for everything!
  • SAVE $455


If you have any questions or concerns about joining the Fundraising Academy, please contact us via email.

Abby Clemence

Abby Clemence

My singular focus is to help you become a better fundraiser.  It is critical that the for-profit and for-purpose sectors come together in partnership so that we can tackle the global social and environmental issues we are all concerned about.

I founded Infinity Sponsorship with this purpose in mind, and bring 25 years in marketing, sales, adult education, communications, event management and corporate / cause-related partnership experience to organisations to help them transform their performance, maximise their impact and increase their income.

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