Sponsorship Foundations Program


Are you ready to finally attract and engage the corporate support your non-profit has been wishing for?

The Sponsorship Foundations program supports you through 16 online lessons complete with videos, comprehensive online seminars, 19 ‘real life’ examples and 28 downloadable templates to help you create and implement a tailored sponsorship for your organisation.

You will also receive a certificate of completion at the end of the program.

See below for a full list of the program content.


You have absolutely nothing to lose. Watch every video and online seminar… try out every strategy… test out every idea – and if you feel you can’t get the results you want from this course, then simply let us know.

In short, if the Sponsorship Foundations program isn’t everything we promise here, we want you to let us know. We’ll refund your money in full, and we part as friends.

This way, all the risk is on us, and not you. We’ll even let you keep the templates and examples as our gifts to you!

Please note, that this money-back guarantee applies only to the online Sponsorship Foundations program component.


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The Sponsorship Foundations program includes all area access to the following lessons:

  1. Creating Board Commitment to Corporate Sponsorship
  2. Creating a Sponsorship Policy
  3. Knowing What Sponsors Want
  4. Working Out What to Offer a Sponsor
  5. Targeting the Right Sponsor
  6. Building the Relationship
  7. Valuing Your Proposition
  8. Creating the Ideal Sponsorship Proposal
  9. Negotiating the Sponsorship
  10. Securing the Partnership
  11. Working Collaboratively With Sponsors
  12. Handling Difficult Situations With Sponsors
  13. Measuring and Maintaining the Relationship
  14. Preparing for Renewals
  15. Exiting the Partnership
  16. Renewing the Partnership