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8 steps to get sponsorship for you not-for-profit


7 proposal tips to successful event sponsorship

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8 steps to get sponsorship for you Not-For-Profit

Do you feel that securing corporate funding is just too hard for your non-profit?

Are you frustrated that companies just don’t ‘get’ how hard your organisation works in the community, and therefore need their financial investment?

Are you tired of constantly asking for support and receiving nothing in return?

The one thing that has remained constant throughout the years is that the sponsorship funds you seek come out of a company’s marketing budget. There IS no ‘sponsorship bucket’ that companies can dip into to support your mission.

The key to engaging sponsors is to understand what makes companies tick. What makes them go out of their way to divert their marketing funds and invest in you?

Throughout this e-book in eight easy steps, we’re going to show you how to improve your relationship-building skills by asking the right questions, and we’ll give you step by step instructions on how to create a compelling sponsorship proposal that makes your ideal sponsors excited to partner with you year after year!

BUY NOW and receive 8 FREE TEMPLATES AND GUIDES TO HELP YOU CREATE YOUR NEXT SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL, including an example of a ‘real life’ corporate partnership proposal that continues to successfully secure sponsorship funding.

  • Cover Page guide
  • Positioning Statement guide
  • Why partner with us? guide
  • Annual Marketing Schedule
  • Who are we and who are our sponsors? guide
  • Biography guide and template
  • Investment guide
  • Example proposal

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7 tips to event proposal perfection

As competition for event sponsorship investment reaches boiling point, successful sponsorship seekers know that companies and brands require more detailed demographic data about your audience (and how they can interact with them!) to prove that your supporters are indeed their target market.

With millions of events, festivals, conferences and conventions being hosted in Australia each year, it’s time to start creating amazing proposals that sponsors REALLY WANT TO SEE!

Throughout the 7 tips to event proposal perfection eBook we will use a real-life event sponsorship proposal as our guide and deconstruct it step-by-step, page-by-page to help you understand why certain aspects have been incorporated and what you should consider including in your proposal to help you create your own event masterpiece!

BUY NOW and receive an example of a ‘real life’ event proposal that continues to successfully secure sponsorship funding.