8 Steps to Get Sponsorship for Your Not-For-Profit


If you are involved with an organisation or event that is For-Purpose, For-Passion and For-Social Change and you are not taking advantage of the opportunity to approach companies and let them know how you can help THEM reach more people AND benefit the community (by supporting your organisation) then you are missing out.

This may sound counter-intuitive – why would you be focusing on a companies needs, when you are the one that needs funding?

Stick with me here, because there is tonnes of research that reveals how charities, associations and amazing causes like yours are leading the way in which Generation X and the Millennials choose the products and services that they buy.

What this means for companies trying to generate ever larger profits, is that there is a strong business case to be made by partnering with a charity and then leveraging the relationship. Partnerships like this motivates a company’s staff and builds pride, differentiates brand awareness, builds trust, enhances corporate reputation, provides emotive content for social media – all this from partnering with an organisation just like yours!

So what does this mean for you? Read more below…

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The key to engaging great sponsors is to understand what makes companies tick. What makes them go out of their way to divert their marketing funds and invest in you?

In this eBook, 8 Steps to Get Sponsorship for your Not-For-Profit, Abby walks you through every stage of getting sponsorship for your organisation or event.

Throughout this e-book, I’m going to show you:

  • how to research the right ‘fit’ in a potential partner,
  • show you what’s trending in sponsorship approaches and proposals (and how to integrate it into your approach),
  • how to improve your relationship-building skills by asking the right questions,
  • the tactics you need to be aware of to maximise success in every approach you make, and
  • step-by-step instructions to create an amazing sponsorship proposal that makes companies excited about partnering with you!

BUY NOW and receive 8 FREE TEMPLATES AND GUIDES TO HELP YOU CREATE YOUR NEXT SPONSORSHIP PROPOSAL, including an example of a ‘real life’ corporate partnership proposal that continues to successfully secure sponsorship funding.

You’ll get:

  • Cover Page guide
  • Positioning Statement guide
  • Why partner with us? guide
  • Annual Marketing Schedule
  • Who are we and who are our sponsors? guide
  • Biography guide and template
  • Investment guide
  • Real Life example proposal

BONUS! Buy now and you get free access to:

WEBINAR – Finding Your Next Sponsor In Three Easy Steps 
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