7 Steps To Stunning Sponsorship Proposals


The most effective way to build a successful corporate sponsorship strategy and diversify your organisation’s income streams is to have a compelling proposal that speaks a sponsor’s language.

Too often sponsorship seekers create their proposal from a “we’re desperate for funding” point of view, instead of seeing their organisation as a valuable marketing partner to the right company.

Creating a fantastic proposal is still the #1 challenge for non-profit sponsorship seekers and in this eBook we’re going to show you how to craft a proposal that builds on the good work your organisation already does in your community – step by step, page-by-page.

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Non-profit organisations that have the greatest success in corporate sponsorship are the ones who realise that they are a business. They are in the business of service delivery (despite how you disperse your surplus, or ‘profit’), and that sponsorship is a business decision, not a donation.

Once you start looking at sponsorship and your approach to potential sponsors from this point of view, the language you choose and the way you construct your proposal will change. And that’s a good thing!

Throughout the 7 steps to stunning sponsorship proposals eBook we will use a real-life corporate partnership proposal as our guide and deconstruct it step-by-step, page-by-page to help you understand why certain aspects have been incorporated and what you should consider including in your proposal to help you create your own masterpiece!

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