Non-Profit Sponsorship 101

Are you completely new to sponsorship or the For-Purpose sector?

If you’ve suddenly found yourself in a role where you’ve been asked to get sponsors (whether you’re a fundraiser, volunteer, CEO or Board Director) and feel totally out of your comfort zone, then Non-Profit Sponsorship 101 is for you.

Non-Profit Sponsorship 101


This webinar provides a high level overview of the basics of sponsorship in the For-Purpose sector, including what your role as sponsorship seeker is and how you can fast track your success by understanding the cornerstones of sponsorship for Non-Profits from the outset.

What You’ll Learn

  • What sponsorship is, what it’s not and why you need a different mindset from donations
  • What companies are looking for from a sponsorship deal with you
  • Why sponsors says no
  • The most coveted benefits that your organisation can offer to make sponsors want to partner with you

What You’ll Get

  • Ebook – 5 Myths of Non-Profit Sponsorship
  • Ted Talk – Dan Pallotta – The way we think about charity is dead wrong

  • CSAE video – What is the Board’s job?

  • CSAE video – What is an association?


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  • Access to online forum
  • Normal Price $195
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Abby Clemence

Abby Clemence

My singular focus is to help you become a better fundraiser.  It is critical that the for-profit and for-purpose sectors come together in partnership so that we can tackle the global social and environmental issues we are all concerned about.

I founded Infinity Sponsorship with this purpose in mind, and bring 25 years in marketing, sales, adult education, communications, event management and corporate / cause-related partnership experience to organisations to help them transform their performance, maximise their impact and increase their income.