Learn To Be Relentless As A Sponsorship Seeker

Learn To Be Relentless As A Sponsorship Seeker

Don’t always believe the argument that there’s no money available.

It may be polite code language for ‘you haven’t made it clear where the alignment is that will help us be more successful by investing in this opportunity.’

Demonstrate that your organisation or event sponsorship opportunity has value and that it deserves the investment your sponsor can make.

There are three steps you need to follow to help make the decision to invest in you easy.

Learn To Be Relentless As A Sponsorship Seeker


Do your research on who your strong sponsorship prospects are and why they are a good fit for your organisation.  Are your supporters their target market?


Take the time to build a strong rapport, ask intelligent and probing questions that reveals what they are seeking to gain out of any sponsorship opportunity.  It’s not about how poor you are and that you have no money to run your programs.


Demonstrate that you can deliver on what they are looking for.

Follow each of these steps and make a compelling argument to your next sponsor.

Just like a dog with a bone, don’t give up!

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