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The course was put together very well and easy to follow. The downloadable resources will be useful in the future and a good conversation starter with other team members. The message of getting the ‘Board members’ on the same page as you before you start going too far down the track of sponsorship came through loud and clear. Thanks for a great course.

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Wendy Stokes

Abby is a delight to learn from. She is clearly passionate about corporate sponsorship and being able to support the Not for Profit sector. She has a great level of knowledge and willingly shares it to ensure a sound level of understanding by discussing issues in different environments and by giving great real-life examples.

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Tina Turner

Infinity Sponsorship has been working with the Lung Foundation Australia in a sponsorship brokerage capacity since early 2012 and has introduced our organisation to the concept of corporate annual partnerships. Abby’s work has provided us with a valuable opportunity to partner with a number of corporate organisations, growing our sponsorship funds and diversifying our income channels. Abby’s ability to develop relationships and rapport with potential corporate sponsors is impressive and I would recommend her to any organisation that may wish to link in with corporate partners to further expand the reach of their organisation.

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Chris Emery

I just wanted to say “Thank You”- your workshop was probably the best I have ever attended. Usually when I attend these workshops I am the shy one that sits up the back, listens, takes things in but never participates. Right from the moment I walked in, you made me feel comfortable enough to ask the question that I would like to ask, but never could. I liked the small numbers in the workshops and that you made it easy to understand the content. Until I attended your sponsorship workshops I didn’t understand the idea of a “partnership” with our sponsors - I have always held out the bucket saying “please sir, give me money because we are a charity.” I realise now that we have to look at restructuring the way we do business with our sponsors!

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Melissa Gardiner

The sponsorship workshops run by Infinity sponsorship provided a great insight into the world of sponsorship. Abby clearly has a great wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to sponsorship. She helped us think outside the box and identify potential opportunities for our organisation. She was happy to share real life experiences which helps us relate to the examples and hopefully avoid some of the difficulties/ mistakes she came across. It was great to be able to share stories with other not for profit organisations, despite all being very different, there were definitely lessons to be learnt from all. This workshop provided practical tips and examples to equip our organisation for future sponsorship endeavours.

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Laurentia Kurniawan

As the peak body for the Management Rights Industry in Australia, in 2011 the Australian Resident Accommodation Manager’s Association (ARAMA) decided to embark upon a corporate partnership implementation strategy to engage partners that would invest much-needed funds into our Not-For-Profit organisation that would create value for our members through increased member services and professional development opportunities.

In March 2012, ARAMA engaged the services of Infinity Sponsorship to secure corporate annual partners. In less than 6 months, Infinity Sponsorship secured partnerships into the future to the value of approx $350,000. We have engaged Infinity Sponsorship for a two year period and are very excited about the partnership opportunities that lie ahead of us.

These funds are valuable to ARAMA in helping us to become a more sustainable organisation by diversifying our income streams and becoming less dependent on membership subscriptions, allowing us to build capacity in our resources and staff. However, the real gift to ARAMA has been working so closely with the Infinity Sponsorship team and the education we are receiving about our organisation and how it is perceived by potential corporate partners. This knowledge along with the templates and resources that are provided to ARAMA as part of working with Abby and the team, mean that we will continue to become increasingly more abundant as the years go by, long after her good work has been completed for us.

I would highly recommend Infinity Sponsorship if you are an organisation looking to become more sustainable and build capacity into the future. Abby and her team can help you get there!

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Trevor Rawnsley

Great session. I was fully engaged for 3.5 hours. Excellent presentation style and genuine. Abby was prepared to share her knowledge openly and generously.

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Have just completed Sponsorship Foundations Program. What an amazing experience. So many ideas with practical help and templates to take to my committee and help us get real sponsorship seeking underway. We are just a small group but can see that for us this may increase our ability to put more back into the community. Seeing creating partnerships with sponsors as beneficial to both parties rather than a handout for us is a big mindshift for me. Feel that any sponsors we attract will get more out of this too. Thanks for the inspiration and practical help in equal measure.

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Viv Campbell

The Infinity Sponsorship workshop was a really worthwhile investment for my business and provided me with great sponsorship tools for the future!

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Alanna Hinds

Many thanks for your dynamic presentation last week, which I thoroughly enjoyed and took a lot away from it!

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The one-day Ideal Sponsorship workshop with Abby was extremely valuable. It gave me the chance to workshop ideas with other people in the not-for-profit sector who understood the challenges NFPs face and Abby had a wide variety of impressive case studies which helped provide perspective and a stronger understanding of how to approach asking for sponsorship. I wish I could have stayed for the second day! Thanks to this workshop we are overhauling our sponsorship proposal and approach. We have a much clearer understanding of how to go about asking for sponsorship and are far more positive about what we can as a NFP organisation. I highly recommend investing in one of Abby’s workshops or courses.

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Chelsea Ayling

I went to Abby's workshop and texted my CEO within the first hour to thank her for sending me - my brain is buzzing! I enjoyed a wonderfully dynamic presenter taking the whole room on a process-focussed day of engaging and retaining corporate sponsorship.

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Michelle Denize
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