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Sports Medicine Australia has been working with Abby Clemence and Infinity Sponsorship since March 2012. Abby has been instrumental in managing the recruitment of new sponsorships on behalf of Sports Medicine Australia. Over this period Sports Medicine Australia has been successful in establishing new and diverse partnerships and has been introduced to numerous potential partnership options. Abby and her team are wonderful to work with. She has gone to great lengths to gain an extensive understanding of the requirements of Sports Medicine Australia and to matching those requirements to potential partners. Abby takes a very systematic, methodical and co-ordinated approach to partnership recruitment and has demonstrated the importance of the specialised skills and strategies required to attract and recruit partners.

I have no hesitation in recommending Abby Clemence and Infinity Sponsorship in the recognition, recruitment and management of partnerships.

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Nello Marino

The sponsorship workshops run by Infinity sponsorship provided a great insight into the world of sponsorship. Abby clearly has a great wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to sponsorship. She helped us think outside the box and identify potential opportunities for our organisation. She was happy to share real life experiences which helps us relate to the examples and hopefully avoid some of the difficulties/ mistakes she came across. It was great to be able to share stories with other not for profit organisations, despite all being very different, there were definitely lessons to be learnt from all. This workshop provided practical tips and examples to equip our organisation for future sponsorship endeavours.

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Laurentia Kurniawan

Great session. I was fully engaged for 3.5 hours. Excellent presentation style and genuine. Abby was prepared to share her knowledge openly and generously.

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Great workshop - loved it! Very useful information and so practical! I have a potential sponsor meeting tomorrow and feel more confident about it already!

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On behalf of our sponsorship team at TEDxPhoenixville (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's largest and longest running TEDx event) we would like to personally thank you for providing our team an AMAZING roadmap to sponsorship success this year!
Your ebooks on sponsorship development and planning helped us create a winning strategy for partnering with reputable companies in our area. Your insights and step by step formulas were invaluable to our organization and our fundraising efforts this year, especially as they helped us to re-envision our sponsorship opportunities as mutual partnering relationships equally benefitting TEDxPhoenixville and our circle of corporate partners.
I can say that, thanks to your guidance, many of our team members were able to discard prior misconceptions about sponsorship being an act of charity and view our current and future sponsorship opportunities in a new light. It is SO much more empowering to approach sponsorship partners from a position of self confidence and self assuredness, knowing WHAT we have to offer in the relationship, knowing the real VALUE of our audience, knowing how to respect the special RELATIONSHIP we have with our fan base and knowing how to introduce sponsors to that fan base as you would introduce a new friend to a close knit family.
Thank you for sharing your insights on preparation, planning, acquiring and maintaining sponsorship relationships. You've definitely cut through the clutter and made this process much easier for both the novice and the experienced among us. We're looking forward to another successful year. Wishing you all the best

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Kali Woodward

I have been in the NFP sector for just over 20 years now – and over that period have worn many different hats in an evolving organisation. A common story!
Over this time I have listened to countless presentations on a variety of subjects with equally varying benefit. However today – your whole presentation was fabulous and has left me feeling re-awakened and re-inspired. I am sure you have also motivated many who are new to this – and the ‘practical pearls’ you shared, like not needing to be a particular personality type or have special skills to be successful but rather to use the tools you offer, be organised and practice! I loved that you emphasised relationship and authenticity and backed it up with examples of what that looks like.
You are a great example of when we truly believe in what we do it motivates others to want to be a part of it!
I believe NFP Boards would realise a wonderful investment in both their people and the health of the organisation they govern, by offering this opportunity of learning and support.

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Janine Ewan

An exceptional engager of people. Very knowledgeable about her subject, funny and very down-to-earth.

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Arun Chaudhari

Thanks so much for your free e-books on sponsorship. I really appreciate them both. Your classes at the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand conference were excellent and your dynamism is inspiring.

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Abby Clemence visited my Year 11 Business Management class for an interactive session on 3rd Sector organisations. The focus was on Not for Profit organisations, extending from their quantity and structure to the increasing prevalence of partnerships with commercial organisations. Abby pitched the presentation at exactly the right level for the students. She was extremely well-resourced and accompanied her presentation with appealing visuals.  Abby’s knowledge and passion were engaging. There is no doubt that the students really enjoyed her presentation.

“Having Abby come in and share her extensive knowledge on Third Sector Organisations has really expanded my vision on Not for Profit structures, how they interact with other sectors of the economy and how they create different opportunities to fund their cause.”         Ethan Year 11

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Georgina Barfoot

Abby' is an energetic, passionate and knowledgeable presenter who connected with her audience. The content of the days' workshop was highly relevant and inspiring. I would absolutely recommend her teachings.

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Michelle Bent

Abby's workshop changed my perspective on how traditional charity sponsorship models were and how they are today. A very effective and in depth talk on strategic approaches to partnerships. I thoroughly enjoyed this training.

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Maia Bailey

‘Abby worked with us for 3 years. She is an enthusiastic and naturally gifted communicator. Like all not for profits, we needed more resources to support the development of new member services and increased advocacy for members. Abby was proactive in approaching potential sponsors about establishing partnership with us. She was mindful at all times of our organisation’s sponsorship policy and consulted me and the Board effectively at all stages of a sponsorship arrangement. She is particularly talented in finding win/win opportunities for companies to contribute much needed financial resources to a hard-working and passionate not-for-profit like ours. Her efforts resulted in several hundred thousand dollars of additional resources to the organisation each year. I’m delighted to see Abby move into specialising in this role through her own consultancy, so that other not-for-profits may benefit from her talent.’

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Barb Vernon
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