Thank you Abby, I feel you gave me permission to stop begging! What a fantastic workshop, I feel I learned so much and you shifted my approach to corporate fundraising in a massive way!

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Katja Eager

Kimberly-Clark Australia, and the HUGGIES® Brand have long been supporters of the Australian College of Midwives. It wasn’t however until Abby Clemence moved into the position of Business Development Director that our strategic involvement and public profile within the College took on new meaning. Knowing that Abby was our key point of contact during every step of the process made it easier for us to become involved. Her clear communication style and genuine desire to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with potential sponsors makes her the ideal sponsorship professional. She intuitively understands the need of corporate organisations and uses this knowledge in a positive way to make sound decisions on commercial value as well as corporate social responsibility. Abby was able to leverage excellent value for us from our investment with the College. I look forward to working with her on future mutually beneficial projects.

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Phyllis Piccone

I went to Abby's workshop and texted my CEO within the first hour to thank her for sending me - my brain is buzzing! I enjoyed a wonderfully dynamic presenter taking the whole room on a process-focussed day of engaging and retaining corporate sponsorship.

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Michelle Denize

Thank you for the wonderful workshop on Successful Sponsorship Meetings. I found it relevant and directly applicable to acquiring sponsorship for my organisation. The examples and the scripts discussed, as well as the pitfalls to watch out for were very useful. In fact, I was able to put much of it into practice the next day when I met with a potential new sponsor. Thank you again.

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Gillian Leach

An exceptional engager of people. Very knowledgeable about her subject, funny and very down-to-earth.

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Arun Chaudhari

Abby is a delight to learn from. She is clearly passionate about corporate sponsorship and being able to support the Not for Profit sector. She has a great level of knowledge and willingly shares it to ensure a sound level of understanding by discussing issues in different environments and by giving great real-life examples.

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Tina Turner

I have been in the NFP sector for just over 20 years now – and over that period have worn many different hats in an evolving organisation. A common story!
Over this time I have listened to countless presentations on a variety of subjects with equally varying benefit. However today – your whole presentation was fabulous and has left me feeling re-awakened and re-inspired. I am sure you have also motivated many who are new to this – and the ‘practical pearls’ you shared, like not needing to be a particular personality type or have special skills to be successful but rather to use the tools you offer, be organised and practice! I loved that you emphasised relationship and authenticity and backed it up with examples of what that looks like.
You are a great example of when we truly believe in what we do it motivates others to want to be a part of it!
I believe NFP Boards would realise a wonderful investment in both their people and the health of the organisation they govern, by offering this opportunity of learning and support.

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Janine Ewan

A really useful workshop with a clear, logical process for looking at sponsorship. Thank you!

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Caroline Perry

I feel privileged and happy to have completed the Sponsorship Foundations program. It was a wonderful experience and most helpful as, securing any sponsorship is extremely valuable for a non profit organization like us.

I am convinced that a charity has to work like a business to be successful and sustainable and it has to work at getting and securing sponsorships and not keep on waiting for handouts or charity.

The whole online course is set out in a very friendly manner, it's actually more like a discussion, yet at the same time very informative and educational. It made us realize which avenues we can approach to target sponsors who would be willing to support us.

The very first video 'How To Get The Most Out Of The Sponsorship Foundations Program' is very powerful as it truly defines all that can be achieved and how it can be achieved successfully through the course. It deals with handling problems faced while doing the course in the most practical and successful manner.

Most of our supporters are the underprivileged of our society. We always thought we could not target any sponsors as we could not offer them any potential “clients” but thanks to this program we have realised that in Pakistan, mobile telephone companies are targeting the low income demographic and we can approach them for sponsorship.
The course material, online seminars, videos and templates all are extremely helpful. I loved all the online seminars the most. The templates make our work so easy and they can be easily modified according to individual need.
This program was very good value for money and I would recommend it to anyone who needs some help looking at their organisation from a 'sponsorship' perspective.

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Nighat Shah

I came across your checklist and website via a Google search looking for sponsorship advice and templates which took me to a podcast you did about great ways to put together a sponsorship proposal. Your podcast was awesome! I listened to it twice, taking lots of notes and it gave me a lot of confidence that despite being inexperienced, I could do this. Plus it really helped me critically assess the value of what we were offering (I discovered I was pitching too low!) The great news is, my proposal goes in next week (to an already interested sponsor) and if I get it across the line it will all be down to that podcast, your checklist and a few other things that I have picked up along the way. By the way, your sponsorship checklist was very helpful - I haven't sourced much useful information anywhere else. Thank you!

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N Halpin

Tasked with finding a new Stadium sponsor for our city's main stadium in 2015 I was very pleased to have attended one of Abby’s seminars at the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand (FINZ) conference.
Up until then our sponsorship strategy was very loose and we were using the “hope for the best” mentality. After listening to Abby’s presentations and downloading some of her resources on the Infinity Sponsorship website, things changed drastically...
Abby’s talk on the best practice pathway to sponsorship success and her insights into readiness, timing and planning lead me to completely redesign our approach to sponsorship within our organisation. After applying the step by step Plan-Find-Connect-Keep principles learned from Abby we were able to close a new sponsor within months of hearing her speak.
A $2.2 million dollar, 10 year deal was reached with the Central Energy Trust for a partnership arrangement with our stadium that will assist our Council to continue to upgrade the facilities over the next 10 years.
We have also closed significant sponsorship partners for the Wildbase Recovery in Palmerston North. This facility, once built will rehabilitate New Zealand’s rarest and most endangers native birds.


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Clint Dunstan

Abby is an inspirational and refreshing speaker. She explains the sponsorship process in simple terms and breaks down the process into easy to follow steps. I look forward to taking this further! Thank you for your time and energy.

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Karyl McGlinn
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