I feel now like I have a great idea on how to best move forward with potential sponsors. Abby's use of real life stories made it very engaging.

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I went to Abby's workshop and texted my CEO within the first hour to thank her for sending me - my brain is buzzing! I enjoyed a wonderfully dynamic presenter taking the whole room on a process-focussed day of engaging and retaining corporate sponsorship.

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Michelle Denize

Infinity Sponsorship has been working with the Lung Foundation Australia in a sponsorship brokerage capacity since early 2012 and has introduced our organisation to the concept of corporate annual partnerships. Abby’s work has provided us with a valuable opportunity to partner with a number of corporate organisations, growing our sponsorship funds and diversifying our income channels. Abby’s ability to develop relationships and rapport with potential corporate sponsors is impressive and I would recommend her to any organisation that may wish to link in with corporate partners to further expand the reach of their organisation.

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Chris Emery

I feel privileged and happy to have completed the Sponsorship Foundations program. It was a wonderful experience and most helpful as, securing any sponsorship is extremely valuable for a non profit organization like us.

I am convinced that a charity has to work like a business to be successful and sustainable and it has to work at getting and securing sponsorships and not keep on waiting for handouts or charity.

The whole online course is set out in a very friendly manner, it's actually more like a discussion, yet at the same time very informative and educational. It made us realize which avenues we can approach to target sponsors who would be willing to support us.

The very first video 'How To Get The Most Out Of The Sponsorship Foundations Program' is very powerful as it truly defines all that can be achieved and how it can be achieved successfully through the course. It deals with handling problems faced while doing the course in the most practical and successful manner.

Most of our supporters are the underprivileged of our society. We always thought we could not target any sponsors as we could not offer them any potential “clients” but thanks to this program we have realised that in Pakistan, mobile telephone companies are targeting the low income demographic and we can approach them for sponsorship.
The course material, online seminars, videos and templates all are extremely helpful. I loved all the online seminars the most. The templates make our work so easy and they can be easily modified according to individual need.
This program was very good value for money and I would recommend it to anyone who needs some help looking at their organisation from a 'sponsorship' perspective.

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Nighat Shah

The course was put together very well and easy to follow. The downloadable resources will be useful in the future and a good conversation starter with other team members. The message of getting the ‘Board members’ on the same page as you before you start going too far down the track of sponsorship came through loud and clear. Thanks for a great course.

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Wendy Stokes

I just wanted to say “Thank You”- your workshop was probably the best I have ever attended. Usually when I attend these workshops I am the shy one that sits up the back, listens, takes things in but never participates. Right from the moment I walked in, you made me feel comfortable enough to ask the question that I would like to ask, but never could. I liked the small numbers in the workshops and that you made it easy to understand the content. Until I attended your sponsorship workshops I didn’t understand the idea of a “partnership” with our sponsors - I have always held out the bucket saying “please sir, give me money because we are a charity.” I realise now that we have to look at restructuring the way we do business with our sponsors!

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Melissa Gardiner

Abby's workshop followed a clearly defined step-by-step strategy which was easy to understand and supported by useful templates.

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Yvonne Kelly

It was great to attend your workshop last week, I really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it, one of the best sessions of the conference for me I have to say!

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Abby is a personable and engaging presenter with a depth of knowledge and experience. Her workshops provide great practical advice with real world application.

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Phillippe Cahill

I came across your checklist and website via a Google search looking for sponsorship advice and templates which took me to a podcast you did about great ways to put together a sponsorship proposal. Your podcast was awesome! I listened to it twice, taking lots of notes and it gave me a lot of confidence that despite being inexperienced, I could do this. Plus it really helped me critically assess the value of what we were offering (I discovered I was pitching too low!) The great news is, my proposal goes in next week (to an already interested sponsor) and if I get it across the line it will all be down to that podcast, your checklist and a few other things that I have picked up along the way. By the way, your sponsorship checklist was very helpful - I haven't sourced much useful information anywhere else. Thank you!

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N Halpin

Great to be here away from the job and refresh my knowledge and also remember how far I have come. Abby has great knowledge and expertise.

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Kimberly-Clark Australia, and the HUGGIES® Brand have long been supporters of the Australian College of Midwives. It wasn’t however until Abby Clemence moved into the position of Business Development Director that our strategic involvement and public profile within the College took on new meaning. Knowing that Abby was our key point of contact during every step of the process made it easier for us to become involved. Her clear communication style and genuine desire to foster a mutually beneficial relationship with potential sponsors makes her the ideal sponsorship professional. She intuitively understands the need of corporate organisations and uses this knowledge in a positive way to make sound decisions on commercial value as well as corporate social responsibility. Abby was able to leverage excellent value for us from our investment with the College. I look forward to working with her on future mutually beneficial projects.

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Phyllis Piccone
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