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It is so pleasing to discover that charities can be sold as a B2B proposition. It is time for charities to get real about B2B income generation and using Abby's information and resources is how to do it. The quality of her content and sharing of personal insight was fantastic.

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Colin MacLeod

Abby's workshop changed my perspective on how traditional charity sponsorship models were and how they are today. A very effective and in depth talk on strategic approaches to partnerships. I thoroughly enjoyed this training.

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Maia Bailey

Abby Clemence visited my Year 11 Business Management class for an interactive session on 3rd Sector organisations. The focus was on Not for Profit organisations, extending from their quantity and structure to the increasing prevalence of partnerships with commercial organisations. Abby pitched the presentation at exactly the right level for the students. She was extremely well-resourced and accompanied her presentation with appealing visuals.  Abby’s knowledge and passion were engaging. There is no doubt that the students really enjoyed her presentation.

“Having Abby come in and share her extensive knowledge on Third Sector Organisations has really expanded my vision on Not for Profit structures, how they interact with other sectors of the economy and how they create different opportunities to fund their cause.”         Ethan Year 11

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Georgina Barfoot

The one-day Ideal Sponsorship workshop with Abby was extremely valuable. It gave me the chance to workshop ideas with other people in the not-for-profit sector who understood the challenges NFPs face and Abby had a wide variety of impressive case studies which helped provide perspective and a stronger understanding of how to approach asking for sponsorship. I wish I could have stayed for the second day! Thanks to this workshop we are overhauling our sponsorship proposal and approach. We have a much clearer understanding of how to go about asking for sponsorship and are far more positive about what we can as a NFP organisation. I highly recommend investing in one of Abby’s workshops or courses.

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Chelsea Ayling

Great to be here away from the job and refresh my knowledge and also remember how far I have come. Abby has great knowledge and expertise.

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I am currently assisting a small NFP to gain sponsorship and support. Despite having done this type of work previously, as you mention, I'm also finding the biggest impediment to the challenge is in fact the organisations themselves. They are not sponsorship ready, have never been successful in gaining sponsorship and expect immediate results.
Regardless of this I've set about the task along similar lines to your pathway to best practice sponsorship and I found your approach, sensible, practical, well documented and following proven methodology. I'm pleased that I was already pretty well aligned to it, but importantly it provides a firm basis for vital feedback to the organisation and some positive reinforcement to myself. Thank you.

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D Scott

I came across your checklist and website via a Google search looking for sponsorship advice and templates which took me to a podcast you did about great ways to put together a sponsorship proposal. Your podcast was awesome! I listened to it twice, taking lots of notes and it gave me a lot of confidence that despite being inexperienced, I could do this. Plus it really helped me critically assess the value of what we were offering (I discovered I was pitching too low!) The great news is, my proposal goes in next week (to an already interested sponsor) and if I get it across the line it will all be down to that podcast, your checklist and a few other things that I have picked up along the way. By the way, your sponsorship checklist was very helpful - I haven't sourced much useful information anywhere else. Thank you!

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N Halpin

Excellent, animated speaker who was relaxed and passionate about sponsorships. The content resonated with me as it validated alot of what we already do.

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Hayley Olliver

Have just completed Sponsorship Foundations Program. What an amazing experience. So many ideas with practical help and templates to take to my committee and help us get real sponsorship seeking underway. We are just a small group but can see that for us this may increase our ability to put more back into the community. Seeing creating partnerships with sponsors as beneficial to both parties rather than a handout for us is a big mindshift for me. Feel that any sponsors we attract will get more out of this too. Thanks for the inspiration and practical help in equal measure.

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Viv Campbell

Sports Medicine Australia has been working with Abby Clemence and Infinity Sponsorship since March 2012. Abby has been instrumental in managing the recruitment of new sponsorships on behalf of Sports Medicine Australia. Over this period Sports Medicine Australia has been successful in establishing new and diverse partnerships and has been introduced to numerous potential partnership options. Abby and her team are wonderful to work with. She has gone to great lengths to gain an extensive understanding of the requirements of Sports Medicine Australia and to matching those requirements to potential partners. Abby takes a very systematic, methodical and co-ordinated approach to partnership recruitment and has demonstrated the importance of the specialised skills and strategies required to attract and recruit partners.

I have no hesitation in recommending Abby Clemence and Infinity Sponsorship in the recognition, recruitment and management of partnerships.

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Nello Marino

The course was put together very well and easy to follow. The downloadable resources will be useful in the future and a good conversation starter with other team members. The message of getting the ‘Board members’ on the same page as you before you start going too far down the track of sponsorship came through loud and clear. Thanks for a great course.

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Wendy Stokes

Abby's workshop followed a clearly defined step-by-step strategy which was easy to understand and supported by useful templates.

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Yvonne Kelly
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