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Having the right mindset and processes in place when you are looking for sponsors is paramount.

Being organised in your sponsorship-seeking role sets you up for success, and can help you avoid costly mistakes like missing deadlines, meetings and teleconferences or forgetting to send information when you promised it!

Apart from how great it feels to be organised, having resources at your disposal to remind you of the key things you should be asking as you screen the suitability of the brands (you’ve already researched!) can give you added confidence, knowing that you really are making the most of each and every approach.

I’ve created two resources to help you keep track of conversations and interactions with potential partners, but also to support the sustainability of your organisation by allowing others to ‘step in’, in your absence to make sure that all the hard work you are doing is being supported internally by your team.

Remember it takes a whole organisation to deliver a sponsorship strategy!

Please use these templates with my very best wishes!