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Done For You

Corporate Partnerships Done For You

Our Done For You programs are for charities, events and associations that do not have the staff or capacity to
create and implement a best practice corporate partnership strategy in-house.

Our programs are all-encompassing and we work closely with your Board, CEO and team.

We are in this together, from assessing and building your internal capacity, crafting the approach,
creating the database of potential sponsors to building relationships, negotiating with partners and getting the contracts signed.

We provide full-service partnership auditing and acquisition support.

We can also provide the ongoing guidance, tools, coaching and resources you need to maintain and
renew your relationships as you continue your journey to build a sustainable corporate partnerships strategy.

***Please note that all programs are strictly fee-for-service.  We do not work on a commission basis.***


What could corporate partners do for your organisation?


Just starting to look into what corporate partnerships might look like for your organisation?

We will work with you to understand your needs and create a bespoke partnerships strategy for your organisation.

Our work also involves implementing each stage of the strategy until we have secured you more corporate support and revenue!

Not sure whether you’re even ready to embark on a journey seeking corporate partners?

Get in touch.  We can walk you through what you need, whether you’re ready to start working with corporate partners, and which of our programs can help.

Are you eligible to be part of the Launch Program?

To find out, email Abby now to set up a free discovery session.


Does your partnership program need a boost?


Has your organisation had sponsors in the past?

Do you have a handful of partners currently bubbling away, but your relationships aren’t kicking the goals you had hoped they would?

If you have sponsors and corporate partners that you just know you could be doing more with, they might just need some love and attention to take them to the next level.

The Accelerate Program offers practical support and easily implementable ways to move your current partners from good to great.  We will work with you to audit your current partnerships, uncover the nuggets of gold you’ve been looking for and create a strategy for nurturing current relationships and connect with new partners.

Is the Accelerate Program right for you?

To find out, email Abby now to set up a free discovery session.


Together, how can
we achieve our mission?


Transformation is the holy grail when it comes to corporate & cause-related partnerships.

It’s about reaching your mission, changing the world, big-picture thinking.

You may know that there is more you could be doing together with your partner, but are unsure how to take that step.

It may be that you’re committed partners who believe in your vision for the world are curious about ‘what’s next?’

The Transform Program is where sponsors become partners, partners become champions and champions become game-changers!

Are you eligible for the Transform Program?

To find out, email Abby now to set up a free discovery session.