Sponsorship Foundations Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Sponsorship Foundations program is seperated into four distinct categories (Plan, Find, Connect, Keep), in line with the four step pathway toInfinite Sponsorship Success.
Each category comprises of 4 lessons. The entire Sponsorship Foundations program therefore consists of a total of 16 lessons.
Videos and step-by-step online seminars for each lesson have been pre-recorded and are available to view at a time and place of your convenience. You can take all lesson at your own pace, and you may exit a lesson at any time and come back to it at a later time.
During each lesson you will have the opportunity to download and save ‘real life’ examples and templates to help you embed the knowledge and skills directly related to the module you have just covered. We’ve created 19 ‘real life’ examples, and 28 templates and guides for you to use.
There is a short quiz after each lesson, to demonstrate that you’ve mastered the information relating to that topic.
Each quiz comprises of 4 questions and is multiple choice.
Yes! When you complete all 16 lessons of the Sponsorship Foundations program you will be able to download a Certificate of Completion that includes your name, the name of each lesson and the completion date.
Absolutely! That’s why we created them. The team at Infinity Sponsorship have undertaken a lot of personal development over the years, and we’ve found that the most common element missing from such training is the opportunity to ‘take away’ practical tips and information such as real life examples and templates and use them to create your own strategy, marketing plan and so on.
Please download our templates, save them to your computer and amend the language and look, to most accurately reflect your organisation, charity or event’s sponsorship strategy. We’ve created 19 real life examples, and 28 templates and guides for you to use for your own needs.
Yes, if you would prefer to pay by invoice then please contact us via email sales@infinitysponsorship.com.au or on our contact page and request an invoice to be sent to you.
Upon receipt of payment your course enrolment will commence and your logon credentials will be sent to you via email.
Yes. We have an option that allows you to pay for your courses monthly. You can ‘split’ the total amount in to 12 or less months. The best part is that it is interest free and won’t cost you anymore. All you need is a Visa or Mastercard card with enough on it to cover to total amount.
For further information see the Splitit information page.
Yes! We have partnered with some brilliant subject matter experts who are working on a Masters Series related to fundraising and promoting your non-profit. So once you’ve completed your initial Sponsorship Foundations program training, you can go ahead and select individual Masters courses that interest you. Our experts come from a range of specialty areas including Grant Funding, Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Media and more. Stay tuned!
We will continue to add new courses and content. We will send out regular e-bulletins with news and information from our site.
If you have suggestions for topics you’d like to see us cover in the future then please let us know via our email info@infinitysponsorship.com.au
Then we have you covered!
If you would like to be supported every step of the way then check out our ‘Coaching’ pages.
Please email Abby for more information: abby@infinitysponsorship.com.au.
No special software is required other than a web browser and a Internet connection with adequate bandwidth speed.
Sponsorship Foundation program lessons are best viewed in the latest versions of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox.
Sorry, but your Fundraising Academy registration is strictly for your individual use. You may not share your account login or password with colleagues or friends, and you may not share recordings with a group.

When you enrol in a course your logon will be custom created with your details. Results and certificates will be issued with this name.

If multiple people within your organisation, charity or event are interested in taking one of our online courses, we’re happy to extend group discounts (see below).

Please email us at info@infinitysponsorship.com.au with how many people you would like to enrol in a course and we’ll come back to you with our very best pricing.

We’re pretty confident that you’ll enjoy our online Sponsorship Foundations program.  That’s why we offer a 365 day, money-back guarantee!

You have absolutely nothing to lose!

Watch every video and online seminar, try out every strategy, test out every idea, and if you feel you can’t get the results you want from this program, then simply let us know.

In short, if this program isn’t everything we promise here, we want you to let us know.  We’ll refund your money in full, and we part as friends.

This way, all the risk is on us and not you.  We’ll even let you keep the templates and examples as our gifts to you!

Please contact us at info@infinitysponsorship.com.au with any queries or concerns that you may have.

Yes. We offer discounts for purchasing two or more enrollments at one time and you’ll receive our best pricing.  Please email us at info@infinitysponsorship.com.au with details on how many people you would like to enrol.
Your enrolment to the Sponsorship Foundations program comes with all area access to the complete 16 lesson course. The entire course includes:

  • 16+ videos (including an introductory video)
  • 16+ online seminars (including a seminar on how to get the most your of your Sponsorship Foundations program)
  • 19 ‘real life’ example policies, reports, contracts, sponsorship proposals, and
  • 28 templates and guides for you to amend for your personal use to get your sponsorship strategy up and running in the shortest possible amount of time.
Yes . When you purchase the Sponsorship Foundations program, you will register with your details. A confirmation email will be sent to you with your new secure login and password. We ask that you please do not share these details with anyone else.

If at any time you forget your login details, you may email us at info@infinitysponsorship.com.au and we will get you fixed up and back on track in no time!

You may also retreive your password by following this link: https://www.infinitysponsorship.com.au/lostpassword/

Once you enrol in the Sponsorship Foundations program, you have a full 2 years to complete it!

That means, during that the 2 year period, you can go back as many times as you like to revisit the online seminars, videos, ‘real life’ examples and templates to reinforce any aspects of the learning that you would like to.

No problem!  Once you’re ready to take a break, simply log out and your progress is saved against your profile.

You may log out by clicking on the ‘My Account’ Menu at the top of the page and selecting the ‘Log Out’ option.

When you log in at a later date, you can simply pick up where you left off by using the ‘course navigation’ tool bar on the right hand side of the page.

Great question! We’ve created a short introductory video for you to watch to help ensure that you maximise your time with us.

Once you are registered and receive your login and password details you will be ready to go. You can simply click on the ‘How to get the most out of your Sponsorship Foundations program’ video and you’re ready to go!