Cut Through

Do your cause-related
partnerships need
a boost?

If your company is looking for opportunities to create effective value-based partnerships that make a bigger impact in this world, for you, your customers and the causes you care about, then you are in the right place!

Latest research reveals that more than ever consumers are demanding that their favourite brands stop operating from a place of ‘profit at all costs’.  89% of people said they wanted brands to become more ‘purpose driven’, most importantly in ways that benefit society and the environment through responsible business practices.

A 2014 survey by Nielson involving more than 30,000 people across 60 countries revealed that clearly a movement was well underway, with 55% of consumers saying they were willing to pay more for products and services from companies that are committed to environmental and social impact.

Fast forward to now and that statistic has soared!  According to Cone Communications, a massive 88% of consumers said that they are not only willing to switch brands because a company advocated for an issue they cared about, they also refused to purchase a company’s products or services upon learning it supported an issue contrary to their beliefs.

Purpose is more than just a trend, it’s the new norm.

The For-Profit and For-Purpose sectors need each other.

You don’t have the programs to solve society’s deepest problems and charities and many social enterprises do not have the resources needed to find creative, powerful and long-lasting solutions.

Neither of you can do it alone.

Changing the world is easier when money is no longer a barrier, but many companies find it tricky to navigate For-Purpose sector partnerships.  Conversations are often filled with good intentions, but end in empty promises and no real sense of impact or measurement.

If you want your future marketing and CSR strategies to become more focussed on creating shared-value in ways that benefit your brand, customers and helps you meet your targets, or if you already have some cause-related partnerships that you’d like to take from good to great, then our short-term, high-impact Partnerships Booster packages will give you the kickstart you need!