Create Your Ideal Sponsor Avatar

Truly understanding who your best potential sponsors are, is a vital part of creating profitable and purposeful partnerships.  This knowledge not only helps you create better benefits for partners, it reduces the risk of rejection (because you are no longer ‘hoping’ that they will see an alignment) and ultimately, it helps you focus your, already limited, time and energy on the parts that will fast track your success with sponsors.

But sometimes, in our time pressured, resource-poor non-profit world, we throw the doors open to send a proposal or make contact with brands before we’ve taken the time to fully understand how this could work, where the alignment between their core business and your core mission lies and whether there are real opportunities for mutual success.

Create your ideal sponsor avatar.

That’s where creating an Ideal Sponsor Avatar is a vital part of the process.

Join me in this 90 minute webinar, as we not only work through the process of understanding your sponsors, but step into their shoes and see the world of sponsorship through their lens.

What You’ll Learn

In this webinar Abby will cover:

  • What is an Ideal Sponsor Avatar and why do you need it?

  • Understanding your sponsor’s needs and goals is essential more creating successful, sustainable partnerships.

  • How to create and craft your Ideal Sponsor Avatar.

  • Some examples to inspire you to create your own.

What You’ll Get

In this webinar you will receive:

  • An Ideal Sponsor Avatar worksheet to give you absolute clarity on who your ideal sponsors are and where the perfect alignment lies.

  • Template – Ideal Sponsor Avatar Worksheet
  • Unlimited access to this webinar on-demand.

Is This Webinar For You?

It is if you are a business development or marketing manager, fundraiser, sponsorship seeker, CEO, Board Director, volunteer or involved in seeking corporate partners for your event or For-Purpose organisation.


  • Attend this live webinar
  • Access to downloadable webinar resources
  • Unlimited Replay
  • Access to online Sponsorship Seekers Forum
  • Norma Price $195
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Abby Clemence

About Abby

My singular focus is to help you become a better fundraiser.  It is critical that the for-profit and for-purpose sectors come together in partnership so that we can tackle the global social and environmental issues we are all concerned about.

I founded Infinity Sponsorship with this purpose in mind, and bring 25 years in marketing, sales, adult education, communications, event management and corporate / cause-related partnership experience to organisations to help them transform their performance, maximise their impact and increase their income.