Charities are ethical, but not competent…

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The annual Edelman Trust Barometer surveys 34,000+ respondents across 28 countries across a multitude of topics relating to trust.

It explores peoples’ deepest fears, where the public seeks their information and what the biggest issues of the day are for people (your community of followers, employees and volunteers).

Charities are ethical, but not competent...

Not surprisingly, in 2020 people are more worried than ever before. 83% are worried about losing their job, more than half (56%) feel that capitalism, as it exists today, does more harm than good and the majority of people feel that working harder will no longer lead to a better life.

Corporates are seen as competent, but not ethical, and charities are perceived as ethical but not competent. (Government and Media are seen as neither!)


Part of the research uncovered the fact that people want more institutions to partner together to achieve radical change in the world. On our own, we are not achieving positive change at the rate the world needs it.

Partnerships came up as a huge opportunity to advance society and build TRUST.

What work are you doing to progress towards meaningful partnerships with business?

It’s no longer about logo placement and generic sponsorship proposals. People everywhere want change! Consumers are demanding it from the brands they spend with. Employees are demanding from their workplaces. (92% of people want CEOs to speak out on issues of the day!) Your community wants you to have more, and move more quickly towards your mission.

Corporate partnerships are a massive part of this puzzle. What do you think about these findings?

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Let's Go!