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Do you struggle with trawling through hours of research trying to find the grants that match your For-Purpose organisation’s mission, project and location?

Do you get overwhelmed trying to wade through the amount of criteria you have to address when you have to apply for grants?

We are delighted to bring you Grant-Seeking: The Indispensable Essentials to help you up-skill your planning and grant writing capabilities, help you address your organisation’s specific challenges and promote better understanding of the grants process from your Board through to your program delivery staff.

Start your journey to securing more grants with Grant-Seeking: The Indispensable Essentials below.

Strategic Grants


The Swiss Army Knife of Sponsorship Benefits – Live Webinar

The Swiss Army Knife of Sponsorship Benefits

Daily. 10:00am AEST

Are you struggling to work out what to offer your potential corporate partners? Is it because you can't think of a single thing that you could propose that might be of value to them, or any there just too many things going on in your organisation that you don't know how to package it all up?

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Fulfilment, audit and reporting – Finish off your sponsorship year in style!

Fulfilment, audit and reporting
- Finish off your sponsorship year in style!

When was the last time you delivered an ROI (return on investment) or fulfilment report of some kind to your current sponsors? Have you ever surveyed them to see how they are enjoying the experience of being associated with your organisation, programs, or events?

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The 90 Day Sponsorship Plan – Idea to Implementation

The 90 Day Sponsorship Plan - Idea to Implementation

The thing I found most challenging in my non-profit business development role was juggling my ever growing list of responsibilities and to-do's. Even though my core directive was diversifying our income streams by seeking and securing corporate partners, there were so many competing priorities that it was hard to focus and STAY focussed long enough to create a plan.

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Grant-Seeking: The Indispensable Essentials

Grant-Seeking: The Indispensable Essentials

'Grant-Seeking: The Indispensable Essentials' details the absolute 'must-dos' for best-practice grant-seeking for those new to a grants role in a non-profit organisation or for organisations just beginning to seek grants. Learn about different types of grants and funder expectations; reasons your grant applications might not be successful; how to get your organisation prepared and ready to apply for and win grants; project planning; writing applications; and next steps after submitting an application, whether it’s successful or unsuccessful. In this informative, hour-long webinar you'll learn about the essentials of strategic grant-seeking from Jo Garner, Director of Strategic Grants, beginning with the differences and similarities between sponsorships and grants and why you should be considering both in your fundraising strategy. We know from experience speaking to funders, and helping organisations of all sizes to grants success that a strategic approach to grant-seeking is the only sustainable approach.

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