Best Practice Sponsorship

Modules 1 – 4 of the Sponsorship Foundations Program

When you decide that you’re ready to engage sponsors, the process can be greatly streamlined by putting a plan into action before making an approach to a brand.  This plan should focus on maximising internal support by ensuring the processes, procedures, culture and team you have in place are robust and setting you up for success on all levels.  Part of this phase includes creating a culture of ‘commercial acceptance’ that promotes whole-of-organisation commitment to support your sponsorship-seeking efforts.

Creating Board Commitment To Corporate Sponsorship

This module looks at the importance of getting internal buy-in and the support of your CEO and Board of Directors before embarking upon creating a sponsorship strategy.  If you don’t have internal buy-in, you are not ready to commence seeking and engaging corporate sponsors.

Includes: Board Commitment to Corporate Sponsorship Policy example and template.

SFP - Lesson 1 Locked

Bonus Material

The CEO and The Fundraiser

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  • Creating The Right Internal Culture For Sponsorship Success.
  • Sponsorship Vs Philanthropy – Why Is There So Much Confusion?

Creating a Sponsorship Policy

This modules covers the reasons why every non-profit trying to engage corporate sponsors should have a sponsorship policy – how to create one, who should sign off on it and exactly what a policy like this should be used for.

Includes: Corporate Sponsorship Policy example and template.

SFP - Lesson 2 Locked

Bonus Material

Go Team! Getting Your Entire Team Enthused About Fundraising

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  • Sponsorship Perfection – A Corporate Mind An A Community-Service Heart
  • Diversifying your organisation’s corporate fundraising strategy

Knowing What Sponsors Want

Understanding what a sponsor is looking for access to is the key to successful partnerships. It is vital to understand the demographics and details of the supporter base that follow you.  If you approach a potential sponsor, you need to be confident that you can offer them access to a target market they aren’t yet doing business with.

Includes: Who Are Our Supporters spreadsheet example and template.

SFP - Lesson 3 Locked

Bonus Material

Purpose and Profit – Choosing the Right Corporate Partners

Create Your Ideal Sponsor Avatar

Sponsorship Secrets from Corporate Land

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  • Transactional vs Relationship-Based Sponsorship
  • A Letter From a Potential Sponsorship to ALL Sponsorship Seekers
  • Companies Do Not Use Sponsorship to Support a Cause

Working Out What to Offer a Sponsor

This module looks at the ways that you can leverage your current communications channels and make them an avenue for sponsors to connect with your supporters so that they become more successful, you get the vital investment you are seeking and your supporters’ experience of being involved with your organisation or event is enhanced.

Includes: Annual Marketing Schedule &  Sponsorship Benefits Matrix example and template.

SFP - Lesson 4 Locked

Bonus Material

8 Secret Herbs and Spices of Event Sponsorship

The Swiss Army Knife of Sponsorship Benefits

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  • 8 partnership benefits that you may not know you could offer