Modules 13 – 16 of the Sponsorship Foundations Program

After employing months of hard work, the very last thing you want is to lose a sponsor because you haven’t delivered what you promised, or worse, created expectations that you weren’t able to keep.  This phase of the process also looks at measuring and maintaining your relationships as well how to navigate an early exit from a partnership, should either party wish to leave the relationship.

Measuring and Maintaining the Relationship

What’s your job to measure? What is your sponsor’s job to measure? We look at the importance of reporting and transparency and unravel the complexities of the intangible parts of a sponsorship deal.

Includes: Sponsorship Delivery Schedule & Return on Investment Report example and template.

SFP - Lesson 13 Locked

Bonus Material

Bonus Articles

  • The Importance of Measurement in Sponsorship.
  • Measuring Your Sponsor’s ROI.
  • The Humble Survey – Empowering Your Role in Measuring Sponsorship

Preparing for Renewals

Discussions and evaluations around your sponsor’s expectations should be a regular occurrence, not just something you cover at renewal time. Learn the tips involved in ensuring that you get to the end of your time together and your sponsor wants to renew for longer and more investment!

Includes: Preparing for renewals checklist and questions example and template.

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Bonus Material

Bonus Articles

  • Fulfillment, Audits and Reporting – Finish Your Sponsorship Year off in Style!

Exiting the Sponsorship

Sometimes, despite your best efforts things just don’t work out. What do you do now? We cover the reasons that sponsorships can fall apart, as well as graceful communication strategies that can allow both parties to exit a relationship on amicable terms and keep your great reputation intact.

Includes: Sponsor Feedback Survey example and template.

SFP - Lesson 15 Locked

Renewing the Sponsorship

This module looks at ensuring that both parties understand each other’s objectives of the partnership moving forward, as well as the do’s and don’ts of the renewal process.

Includes: Addendum to an Existing Contract example and template.

SFP - Lesson 16 Locked

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