Modules 5 – 8 of the Sponsorship Foundations Program

Finding companies that are willing to align with your organisation or event is not just about asking ‘who are we going to approach?’ In this part of the process we dive deeply into helping you work out how to value your offering to potential sponsors, showing you the kind of research you need to do to ensure a strong alignment, knowing where the decision makers are, how to build relationships with potential partners and craft a compelling proposal and approach.

Targeting the Right Sponsor

There is no point undertaking a ‘spray’ campaign in the hope that someone might be interested in becoming a sponsor – it’s never a good return on investment of your time. The ‘fit’ has to be right. We cover the ways to work out who you should target as a potential sponsorship partner.

Includes: Potential Sponsor List example and template.

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Bonus Material

Finding Your Sponsor in 3 Easy Steps

Bonus Articles

  • The Art of Approaching Marketing Leading Brands
  • Airlines, Banks, Grocery and Car Sponsors
  • How Having to Work Your Way Up to The Decision Maker Can, In Fact, Be the Best Approach
  • Getting Your ‘Sexy’ on With Sponsors
  • 5 Ways to Identify Your Ideal Sponsor

Building the Relationship

There are ways to introduce your organisation or event to a company that will give you optimal results. There are also pitfalls and things to avoid. In this module we look at the easiest ways to turn your cold calls into hot prospects.

Includes: Sponsorship Research Tracker & Sponsorship Call Tracker example and template.

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Bonus Material

Mastering the Art of Cold Calling

From Cold to Sold – The Sponsorship Sales Process – Part 1

Bonus Articles

  • How to Build Trust With Your Potential Sponsors
  • 5 Sponsorship Sales Tips That Won’t Leave You Feeling Slimy
  • The Power of the Right Questions!
  • Is This The End of True Sponsorship?
  • How to Get The Results You Want From Your Sponsorship Approach
  • The Cold Hard Truth About Sponsorship

Valuing Your Proposition

What are you worth to a potential sponsor? How much should you charge them for accessing a target market they aren’t yet doing business with? We look at strategies and formulas to help work out the worth of the opportunity you represent and things to take into consideration to help ensure that you are providing and receiving value.

Includes: Sponsorship Investment Formula & Examples.

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Bonus Material

Bonus Articles

  • Sponsorship Valuation- One Powerful Formula
  • How to Assess The Value of Your Sponsorship Offering

Creating the Ideal Sponsorship Proposal

Every successful sponsorship proposal has elements that make it impactful, relevant and exciting to a potential partner. In this module, we cover all of them!

Includes: Sponsorship Proposal Creation Guide – page by page examples and guides on what to write.

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Bonus Material

Precious Metal & Sponsorship Levels

Creating Stunning Sponsorship Proposals

How to Create Your Best-Ever Event Proposal