Modules 9 – 12 of the Sponsorship Foundations Program

If you want to connect with corporate partners, ensure you feel confident negotiating a relationship that works for both parties, secure the partnership with a legally binding contract, publicly announce the partnership, ensuring that you are both ‘singing from the rooftops’ about the great work you will do together and know that ahead there may be times when you will need to work through some kinks.

Negotiating the Sponsorship

It takes skill and persistence to get a sponsorship over the line. In this module we look at the techniques you will need to approach and manage your communications with sponsors, including their questions, objections as well as debunking some of the techniques they use to secure the best price.

Includes: Non Disclosure Agreement example and template.

SFP - Lesson 9 Locked

Bonus Material

Sponsorship Negotiations Mastery

From Cold to Sold – The Sponsorship Sales Process – part 2

From Cold to Sold – The Sponsorship Sales Process – part 3

Bonus Articles

  • How many times do you follow up after you’ve sent out a proposal?
  • Asking for the sale, closing the deal and other scary stuff.

Securing the Partnership

Once you have a partner that is willing to work alongside you, you need to ensure that you secure a deal that both parties are excited about activating. We cover the essential elements, clauses and terms that your sponsorship contract should contain.

Includes: Sponsorship Contract (Small Investment) & Full Corporate Partnership Agreement example and template.

SFP - Lesson 10 Locked

Bonus Material

Bonus Articles

  • How a Handshake Doesn’t Make a Sponsorship Deal.

Working Collaboratively With Sponsors

This module looks at making sure that you deliver on the contract, announcing the partnership, continuing to build trust and the elements involved in creating a successful dual communications strategy with your sponsor.

Includes: Partnership Media Release example and template.

SFP - Lesson 11 Locked

Bonus Material

Bonus Articles

  • Six Ways to Wow Your Corporate Partners

Handling Difficult Situations With Sponsors

Prevention is better than cure, but when difficult people or situations arise then you need a plan of action. We look at the more common scenarios that you can encounter and how to handle tricky situations with professional ease and aplomb!

Includes: Sponsor Interaction Minute Chart example and template.

SFP - Lesson 12 Locked

Bonus Material

Bonus Articles

  • Know your sponsors – continue to tailor their benefits.
  • 30 Habits of the Happy Fundraiser.
  • Some humble thoughts for today.