Day 1 – Be Here Now – and for the next 14 days

Today’s action is super simple. Firstly you’ve got to show up. And now that you’re here, you can dive into this with your full intention – to support your journey to create powerful, purposeful and profitable partnerships.

What I know to be true is that how you do one thing is how you do everything, so now is your chance for change.

We only have 14 days, so let’s make our time together count.

14 Day Sponsorship Game Changer Day-1

Day 2 – Debunking Sponsorship Myths And More

I’m keen to know, did you notice how good it felt when you declared and wrote down your commitment to yourself, your organisation and your success yesterday? I’ve received some heartfelt emails overnight about peoples’ journeys and it always affirms the path that I’ve chosen, to work alongside the For-Purpose, For-Passion and For-Social Change sector with the singular focus of helping people like you become better fundraisers!

Day 2 - 14 day sponsorship game changer

Day 3 – The Collective Mindset – understanding your obstacles

So now that you’ve recognised and begun to understand your internal and external landscapes a little more, it’s time to find what personal and organisational limitations you may (or may not) be faced with.

It’s all very well to talk about believing in yourself and your organisation and knowing it can achieve great things, but everyone needs a little support and guidance when they aren’t functioning at their best.[/fusion_text]

Day 2 - 14 day sponsorship game changer

Day 4 – Transactional vs Relationship-Based Sponsorship

Today, I thought we’d talk about the tide.

Not the tide that you might be thinking about – the one that’s controlled by the moon and Earth’s rotation. I’m talking about the shifting tide that is moving us all from the more traditional transactional-type sponsorships (think bronze, silver, gold levels, logo placement and so on) to the more collaborative relationship-based partnerships where brands are wanting to create a positive impact on the experience your supporters have of your organisation or event.

Day 4 - 14 day sponsorship game changer
Day 5 - 14 day sponsorship game changer

Day 5 – Best Practice or Nothing

I am a true believer that we all have our unique gifts, passions, and purpose in this life.

I must confess that mine is to work with those that are For-Purpose, For-Passion and For-Social Change – people like you! I get so much joy out of supporting the supporters, seeing people succeed, and communities thrive.

In my early days, employed full-time in the sector I knew that my biggest contribution was to use my skills to move my organisation away from being fully dependant on membership subscriptions, and towards a diversified income stream where we could become more sustainable.

Day 6 - 14 day sponsorship game changer

Day 6 – Plan Your Strategy and Strategise Your Plan

I imagine that you may have thought we’d be diving straight into hardcore sponsorship concepts on Day One and might feel a little surprised by the ‘scenic route’ we’ve taken?

Well today we narrow the focus slightly to look at creating your sponsorship plan, and this includes your Board and sponsorship

Day 7 - 14 day sponsorship game changer

Day 7 – The Charity Overhead Myth and why it’s important to you

How did you enjoy diving into the world of your Board and sponsorship planning yesterday? Did you experience any revelations? Concerns?

Getting your Board ‘on board’ is absolutely the first step in creating and implementing a successful sponsorship plan. It takes a whole organisation to deliver on a sponsorship strategy, and if you are using best practice principles, then that approach will flow from the top tiers of your organisation and then downwards and outwards, making sure that everyone along the way is fully involved and knows their role.

Day 8 – I See You

At the beginning of the 14 Day Sponsorship-Game-Changer program, we touched on how influential your mindset is when you are aiming for success as a corporate fundraiser.

Here’s what I know to be true about fundraisers in general. We are ‘people people’. We love making connections and building relationships and in so many ways we are salt-of-the-earth, solution-oriented and easy to get along with.

But there is a dark side to our nature that not many get to see and it shows itself most when we relate to ourselves. It can be found in our self-talk that says ‘you’re not enough, not doing enough, not going fast enough, could have been better, done more, moved more quickly.’ Ugh!

Day 8 - 14 day sponsorship game changer

Day 9 – Finding sponsors – it’s not hide & seek

Creating social change with a group of like-minded souls has got to be the most inspiring and motivating thing ever! I loved my time employed full-time in the For-Purpose sector. I felt free and inspired because I knew what I was doing actually meant something, it was changing lives for the better.

Your role as a corporate fundraiser is vital.

Day 9 - 14 day sponsorship game changer

Day 10 – Your Daily Action Plan

Today’s activity will help get you focused and be more organised!

All along I’ve been speaking to you about creating a best practice sponsorship strategy, but the truth is, if you can’t focus on implementing the steps and actions I’m giving you, then everything we’ve covered to this point is just going to be parked on the back burner whilst the ‘urgent’ and ‘important’ work gets priority. Right?

Day 10 - 14 day sponsorship game changer

Day 11 – Connecting With Corporate Partners

Understanding what a sponsor is looking for is the key to successful partnerships. I could almost end today’s lesson there. If you don’t ask what they want, then you are not engaging in sponsorship. Sponsors KNOW what you need. There’s no point making an approach that is all about your organisation and what you need. You are just wasting your time.

Day 11 - 14 day sponsorship game changer
Day 12 - 14 day sponsorship game changer

Day 12 – You and LinkedIn

It’s Day 12 and it’s going to feel like we take a momentary segway off into social media land, but let me assure you, I have good reason!

When you make an approach to a partner, there are a number of things that will happen.

Day 13 - 14 day sponsorship game changer

Day 13 – This one’s a keeper – renewing your sponsors

What a jam-packed fortnight it’s been! We’re nearly at the end and I hope you are feeling clear and motivated about where you’ll take your sponsorship strategy from here.

Today we have come to the final step in creating your sponsorship strategy – the ‘keep’ phase.

Day 14 - 14 day sponsorship game changer

Day 14 – Congratulations! Where to From Here?

You made it all the way to Day 14 of the Sponsorship-Game-Changer program!

I’m so proud of you! How do you feel?

Maybe you weren’t able to join me on every single day and just picked through the topics you needed, or maybe you stuck with the process and have really embedded a powerful mindset and new game plan to move forward with.