Do you remember when you were young and wanted to be a superhero?

A superhero with limitless powers, endless imagination, the belief that you could change the world and the ability to help people in need wherever they were?

Well, we believe that non-profit organisations are today’s super heroes because every day of every year you are tirelessly serving communities in need, no matter where you are, using your endlessly creative solutions and limitless belief in the human potential.

We are passionate about what you do, and even more so about your ongoing and sustainable success.

We want you to be around long into the future, and the best way we can think of to make that a reality is to teach you what we know – to successfully diversify your income streams!

We have created the world’s first online Sponsorship Foundations program around the proven four step pathway for Infinite Sponsorship Success that not only teaches you to diversify your income streams and add immense value to your community of followers, but to spread your message to audiences you’re not currently connecting with by partnering with fabulous corporate sponsors.

We know your non-profit is amazing but if you don’t get funding your aren’t helping the people you exist to serve.

This world-class sponsorship training will be the beginning of a new forward momentum to get YOU the money you need to do even more good!  Don’t see it as expense, it’s an investment.
Don’t wait an other day, month or year!

You’ve invested so much time, passion and energy already.  By investing a small amount more in knowledge, know-how and proven techniques, you, your organisation and ALL of the people you’re trying to help can have the service, support and programs that you’re desperately trying to offer and deliver!

Welcome to the Sponsorship Foundations Program!

Sponsorship Foundations Program
Sponsorship University Master Series

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Sponsorship Foundations Program Prices

Sponsorship Foundations Program Lesson 1

  • Creating Board Commitment to Corporate Sponsorship
  • Online Seminar, Guide & Template
  • FREE

Individual Lessons

$297inc tax
  • 16 Individual Lessons
  • 28 Templates and Guides
  • 19 Real life examples

Sponsorship Foundations Program

$2997inc tax
  • 16 Online Seminars
  • 28 Templates and Guides
  • 19 Real life examples

Sponsorship Foundations PLUS Program

$5997inc tax
  • Sponsorship Foundations Program
  • 6 months Unlimited Coaching
  • Scheduled Coaching Sessions


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