What are the modules?

  • This module looks at the importance of getting internal buy-in and the support of your CEO and Board of Directors before embarking upon creating a sponsorship strategy. If you don’t have internal buy-in, you are not ready to commence seeking and engaging corporate sponsors.
  • This modules covers the reasons why every non-profit trying to engage corporate sponsors should have a sponsorship policy – how to create one, who should sign off on it and exactly what a policy like this should be used for.
  • Understanding what a sponsor is looking for access to is the key to successful partnerships. It is vital to understand the demographics and details of the supporter base that follow you.  If you approach a potential sponsor, you need to be confident that you can offer them access to a target market they aren’t yet doing business with.
  • This module looks at the ways that you can leverage your current communications channels and make them an avenue for sponsors to connect with your supporters so that they become more successful, you get the vital investment you are seeking and your supporters’ experience of being involved with your organisation or event is enhanced.
  • There is no point undertaking a ‘spray’ campaign in the hope that someone might be interested in becoming a sponsor – it’s never a good return on investment of your time. The ‘fit’ has to be right.  We cover the ways to work out who you should target as a potential sponsorship partner.
  • There are ways to introduce your organisation or event to a company that will give you optimal results. There are also pitfalls and things to avoid.  In this module we look at the easiest ways to turn your cold calls into hot prospects.
  • What are you worth to a potential sponsor? How much should you charge them for accessing a target market they aren’t yet doing business with? We look at strategies and formulas to help work out the worth of the opportunity you represent and things to take into consideration to help ensure that you are providing and receiving
  • Every successful sponsorship proposal has elements that make it impactful, relevant and exciting to a potential partner. In this module, we cover all of them!
  • It takes skill and persistence to get a sponsorship over the line. In this module we look at the techniques you will need to approach and manage your communications with sponsors, including their questions, objections as well as debunking some of the techniques they use to secure the best price.
  • Once you have a partner that is willing to work alongside you, you need to ensure that you secure a deal that both parties are excited about activating. We cover the essential elements, clauses and terms that your sponsorship contract should contain.
  • This module looks at making sure that you deliver on the contract, announcing the partnership, continuing to build trust and the elements involved in creating a successful dual communications strategy with your sponsor.
  • Prevention is better than cure, but when difficult people or situations arise then you need a plan of action. We look at the more common scenarios that you can encounter and how to handle tricky situations with professional ease and aplomb!
  • What’s your job to measure? What is your sponsor’s job to measure? We look at the importance of reporting and transparency and unravel the complexities of the intangible parts of a sponsorship deal.
  • Discussions and evaluations around your sponsor’s expectations should be a regular occurrence, not just something you cover at renewal time. Learn the tips involved in ensuring that you get to the end of your time together and your sponsor wants to renew for longer and more investment!
  • Sometimes, despite your best efforts things just don’t work out. What do you do now?  We cover the reasons that sponsorships can fall apart, as well as graceful communication strategies that can allow both parties to exit a relationship on amicable terms and keep your great reputation intact.
  • This module looks at ensuring that both parties understand each other’s objectives of the partnership moving forward, as well as the do’s and don’ts of the renewal process.

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