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Hello , I’m so thrilled you’re joining us for the program!

It’s really great to have you here! I can confirm that you are now officially signed up for the 14-Day Sponsorship-Game-Changer.

I’ve listed ALL the details here in THIS email. Get ready to have your questions answered and to put an awesome sponsorship plan into place!

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To get you started with a taste of what’s to come, you can enjoy one of my latest articles:

The New Sponsorship Revolution

Take note of the principles of best practice sponsorship that I share here
(I’ll be sharing MUCH more on that on Day 5!)

The New Sponsorship Revolution

The 14-Day Sponsorship-Game-Changer starts tomorrow!

It’s going to be so helpful! 🙂

You’ll get motivation, inspiration, tips, activities and support from me every day for 14 days.

14 days of practical information + real life how to’s + webinars + articles + templates and more!

Are you ready to get clarity, focus and momentum in putting together your sponsorship plan?  Imagine how far you’ll be in 14 days when you commit time each day on your planning and possibilities. Don’t worry if you are a little overwhelmed – the supportive community will have your back! (More on them later too!)

I ask that you fully commit to every day’s challenge, every piece of homework.  I know that life gets busy, so you’ll have access to the material for 30 days.

Be sure to lock in time to get it done before your window of opportunity closes!

For those of you who need more detail for this 14-Day Sponsorship-Game-Changer, keep on reading…I’ve got you covered.

How does the 14-Day Sponsorship-Game-Changer work?

I’m going to be sharing with you what I know to be true.  I’m going to focus on simple habits and a step-by-step approach that are going to boost your productivity and get you feeling INSPIRED.  By the time you are ready to connect with potential sponsors you will KNOW IN YOUR HEART what a great partner (and asset) your organisation is in a sponsorship relationship.

My goal is to help you have more clarity, maximise your impact, increase your income and feel supported.  In the next 14 days we are going to be laying the ground work for that to happen… and with my step-by-step guidance, you get to be in the driver’s seat, follow the formula and create the plan that will allow wonderful partnerships to happen!

Whatever stage you are at on your sponsorship journey, I hope you will LOVE the daily exercises I’ve created to get you totally fired up and leaping out of bed, ready to jump into the next part of your sponsorship game-changing plan!

Because EVERY step of the way, I will be holding your hand, guiding you.  When have you ever had that before?

If you’re no longer willing to settle for confusion, anxiety and overwhelm, knowing that there must be a better way to get sponsors but not knowing what it is (and I know you are – that’s why you’re here!), then this is what I would encourage you to do during the 14 days of the Sponsorship-Game-Changer:

#1: Block out a minimum of 60 minutes per day to work ON your sponsorship plan

Start tomorrow (or on a day VERY SOON that suits you) and have the Sponsorship-Game-Changer program run for 14 consecutive days.  Make sure that you commit to AT LEAST 60 minutes each day.  It’s only for 14 days.  You’ve got this!  Intention + Action = Magic.  Planning the time in your calendar allows the magic to happen! Tell your boss, let your team know – they will benefit from the skills you are acquiring now too!  Get them to sign up – the more the merrier when it comes to sponsorship – after all, it takes a whole organisation to deliver on a sponsorship strategy.

#2: Read the daily emails

Every day, I will send you an email with a video in it and some inspiration, an activity, worksheet, webinar, template, article or a combination of those things! (NOTE:  Check your spam, junk mail, bulk mail and ‘promotions’ folder if you haven’t received it.  It will definitely be coming your way!)

If you’re not receiving the emails be sure to let us know at We will get you sorted!

NOTE: The first email will come tomorrow, when the Sponsorship-Game-Changer program starts.

#3: Join my LinkedIn group

I don’t want you doing this on your own! Come on over to The Ultimate Non-Profit and Charity Sponsorship Network and check in DAILY (yes, daily). There will be a role call and you will be EXPECTED to check in. 🙂  Why? Because with accountability, stuff gets done! So if you’re trying to get your sponsorship strategy off the ground and you’ve been doing it on your own – enough I say!! Get involved! Load up on the inspiration and support in the group of like-minded souls and let’s get you moving and successful. :))

#4: Keep doing what works

If you are already making some traction with your sponsorship efforts, keep doing what works throughout this Challenge. Change takes time and these 14 days will lay the foundations and help accelerate your success. In the meantime, keep doing what you KNOW works for you. Use the group to keep your momentum going!  Maybe what you share will be the perfect piece of the puzzle that someone else needs help with at that moment. We’re in this together!

#5: Stick with the process!

There may be times in this Sponsorship-Game-Changer program, particularly early on where you think you might not be getting what you signed up for. This is when I ask for your unconditional trust. There is a process that we must work through to give you the best chance at success. I have not created any part of this process ‘just for giggles’, I am taking you on a journey with a specific goal in mind – for you to have created a rock-solid, water-tight sponsorship plan. This will be the foundation to the house that you will go on to build. Stay with me, have faith and stick with the process.

#6: Get support!

I am a great BELIEVER in getting support as we grow and evolve as fundraisers (and in every aspect of life too!) I have NEVER been without a coach and a team of like-minded luminaries around me. It’s a winning formula. If during the Sponsorship-Game-Changer you know you need more support, look around you and find a buddy in the LinkedIn group, or make an appointment for a Complimentary Strategy Session with me so that I can help you to feel supported.

Let’s do this together!!!

Can’t wait to talk with you tomorrow!

With action and accountability,


P.S. Let me know how I can help YOU take your sponsorship efforts to the next level. Yes, I really want to hear from you.  Hit reply and personally let me know what you love about your organisation AND what your biggest challenge has been along your sponsorship journey so far. Believe me, I read every email and would love to hear from you! 🙂